Chapter 731: Analysis (Part One)

Generally speaking, if the headquarters was to send someone to “collaborate” on a case, then it was equivalent to questioning the local police division’s ability.

Anyone who deemed themselves capable would be displeased by this decision.

However, Ran Jing still maintained a calm look, because after all, someone that the headquarter sent must be at a higher status than they were. As for his capabilities, she was not in a hurry to question but rather adopted more of a wait and see attitude; she remained skeptical about him.

Yet, on this occasion, she needed to show her broad mind and generosity.

She shook hands with Xu Cheng. “Glad to work with you.”

“We will all cooperate with each other.” Xu Cheng changed his voice to a hoarse one because he was afraid that Ran Jing would recognize the voice.

“Why are you wearing a mask?” Ran Jing felt that this person was quite rude, wrapping his body and still wearing a mask, looking quite mysterious. For a person who parachuted down and was taking over their case, Ran Jing’s straightforward temper was already considered to have been polished over the years when she didn’t just question him directly on the spot.

Xu Cheng directly confessed, “Some wounds are not easy to show to the public, please understand.”

Ran Jing slightly backed down with his explanation. “My name is Ran Jing.”

 “Just call me Mr. Fang.”

Ran Jing raised her eyebrows and asked with a smile, “What, your name is not to be known by the public as well?”

Xu Cheng gave a light laugh. “Fang Yucheng.”

That was when someone from the headquarters came over and said something to Ran Jing. She then turned her head to her subordinates and said, “The meeting is dismissed. Everybody start organizing a file for the East Gate case.”

The subordinates picked up their notebooks and left the conference room one after another, leaving the headquarter personnel to host this temporary meeting.

Ran Jing said, directly to the point, “Chief, regarding the East Gate smuggling case… we started working on it since the last director was in duty, and it’s been almost three years. Now you disrupted all of our work at once. To be honest, that’s very unjustifiable.”

The chief let out a bitter smile and waved his hand. “I know you have always been protective of shortcomings and don’t want the Shangcheng Police Department to become a joke. But Little Jing, the top priority is to solve the case, and taking consideration of your feelings, they just sent Mr. Fang here to assist you and didn’t order the entire team to hand over the case. You don’t have to be too defensive about it.”

Ya right!

Ran Jing said directly, “Chief, I am not underestimating Mr. Fang, but I just have one question: How much does he know about this case?”

Xu Cheng: “Strictly speaking, I haven’t touched up on it.”

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