Chapter 733. Too Bad He’s Taken (Part One)

Seeing that they were to head out, Xu Cheng shouted to stop them, “It’s too late. The surveillance’s back to normal, which means that they’re gone already.”

Having said that, Xu Cheng continued to watch the surveillance.

Li Chao, Ran Jing, and the others stood there not knowing where to go and looked somewhat embarrassed.

When Ran Jing was going to have the team members retreat from the front line, they already arrived at the scene.

They reported back. “Director Ran, they are very experienced and skilled. They really did an overlay video here in the intersection.”

Xu Cheng heard the voice of her subordinates and immediately said, “You’ve scared the snake away! They were going to take down the video themselves, and now that you took it, they will notice.”

Li Chao listened in and also slapped his own forehead.

Those in the front line were also a bunch of dumb teammates.

Even Ran Jing didn’t know what to say at once.

“Director Ran? Did you hear that?”

“Are you guys dumb? Don’t you know there is a possibility that the other side is also monitoring you and now you’re exposed? Sigh. Bring it back here to check whether there are any fingerprints left behind.” Ran Jing couldn’t do anything to help, and since they have climbed up the pole there, they must’ve been exposed.

She looked up at Xu Cheng, who was watching the surveillance with his hands behind his back, and asked, “Mr. Fang… now what?”

Xu Cheng did not speak as he stared at the video.

He was watching the video of the intersection in the city center, there were only three roads that lead to the city center. He stared at these three intersections as he said, “552, 337, 618, 277, 169. Check these five license plates immediately and give me the owners’ information.”

The technician there responded quickly as he nodded and immediately searched in the DMV system to check the license plate numbers Xu Cheng gave.

“They’re all fine.”

“Check again, 773!”

Technician: “This one’s fine.”

Xu Cheng: “858!”

Technician: “Wait a minute.”

He immediately turned his head to look at Xu Cheng. “Mr. Fang, this license plate number registration is not under this car.”

Ran Jing quickly reacted and said, “Tell the frontline to track the truck with license plate number 858.”

Li Chao: “Yes.”

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