Chapter 734: Do you have the guts to not wear a mask (Part One)

Xu Cheng didn’t leave by the time dinner time rolled around in the evening, and Ran Jing went to pick up her car and waited for him in front of the police station.

“Let’s have dinner together?”

Xu Cheng said, “Where can I go in public looking like this?”

“Come to my house,” Ran Jing said bluntly.

“You’re not afraid of me?” Xu Cheng said sarcastically, “Other than the fact that I have a shadow, I look no different from a ghost.”

“Having a shadow is enough.” Ran Jing smiled. “Get in the car, it is rare to have elites from above come down here. Your actions today have conquered us, and I want to learn more from you. Otherwise there might not be a chance in the future.”

Xu Cheng was not pretentious as he pulled open the car door and was about to get in.

That was when a Passat pulled over.

A mature looking man came down from the vehicle, and he said to Ran Jing, “I’ve been looking for you, let’s eat dinner. I know you must be tired of that case, so I’ll take you to a seafood restaurant tonight.”

Ran Jing looked at him and frowned as she said, “Liu Wenbin, I rejected you for three years. I don’t like you, you should know when to stop.”

If Xu Cheng still remembered that this man was interested in Ran Jing since three years ago, when she was still the team leader at the criminal department. He was Liu Wenbin from the Flying Tiger team, and he even called to warn Xu Cheng to not approach Ran Jing.

Liu Wenbin stood directly in front of Ran Jing’s car and said to her, “Little Jing, you don’t like those rich men with a temper, the ones without status can’t control you, and those that do have a status can’t win a fight against you. Think about it, who can you choose now? Nobody except me, Liu Wenbin, in the entire police force dared to go after you. This is God’s arrangement, is that not enough for you to feel honored?”

Ran Jing sneered. “Is this so-called God’s arrangement or your arrangement? Because you’re the bureau’s director, you scare anyone who approaches me. Don’t think I didn’t know what you were doing under the table. I am not available today, I have a guest, go away.”

Liu Wenbin smacked his lips and he saw Xu Cheng in the passenger seat. He came to the window and looked at Xu Cheng as he grinned. “Wow man. You know that I will hold a grudge if I know who you are, so you’re wearing a mask? Bro, let me tell you that wearing a mask is useless. I can check who you are as long as I have your fingerprints. Once I find out, you’ll still have to get out of Ran Jing’s world, you understand? That said, do you have the guts to take off the mask? If you have the guts to pursue Ran Jing, then don’t wear a mask!”

Ran Jing: “What are you talking about? This is my colleague! Don’t use your background to threaten people.”

Liu Wenbin: “I’m not. I’m having a peaceful conversation here with this man.”

Xu Cheng said, “I will not take off the mask, but if you want to check my fingerprints, you’re welcome to do so.”

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