Chapter 735: The poor and pitiful Liu Wenbin (Part One)

Liu Wenbin was blindfolded and taken into a closed room.

After they took off his head cover, he saw several interrogators looking at him with a serious expression across the dimly lit room.

“Guys, I’m one of our own!”

“We only check on our own people,” they said. “I hope you’ll cooperate.”

“Cooperate with what?” Liu Wenbin did not understand. “What law did I break? The ones who arrested me just now are the Flying Tiger unit, right? I was also from there before, we are brothers. Is there a misunderstanding? I am Liu Wenbin, Bureau Director Liu Wenbin.”

“You don’t have to tell us, we all know who you are and I’ll tell you that your position will not help you in any way. All you have to do now is to cooperate with us.”

Liu Wenbin agreed.

“Okay, so what are you asking?”

“Half an hour ago at 20:08, you logged in with your account in the public security system, right? Is this your personal operation?”

“Yes, I operated.” Liu Wenbin didn’t understand how it could be illegal when he used his own account. This was a privilege of his job.

 “Are you finished or not? What do you want to investigate?”

“You just need to answer us, and no need to talk if we don’t ask you. Also, please watch your attitude,” the interrogator said.

 Liu Wenbin wanted to curse out loud.

 He still felt baffled.

The interrogator lowered his head and looked at the next question before asking, “Where did you get the fingerprints you recorded? Who instructed you to check on him?”


Liu Wenbin froze.

“I… I just checked on a fingerprint, what’s wrong with that? I can’t check it?”

The interrogator smiled contemptuously with a ‘you can’t hide it from me’ expression and said, “Using the system to pull up someone’s data is a method that only specialized departments use. Why did you want to check this fingerprint? And you came to check it during post-office hours? We found that you started at a normal level, then you upgraded the search to provincial level, and repeated it many times. Please tell us your purpose.”

Liu Wenbin finally came to understand.

It wasn’t wrong that he was checking fingerprints, the problem was because of that specific fingerprint!


But he checked it so he could screw him up, was that something to tell them though?

“I was just… casually checking it,” Liu Wenbin said tentatively.

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