Chapter 737: Visit someone for me (Part One)

Three dishes and a soup.

Ran Jing was fast at cooking; over these years, in addition to her career, she was also preparing herself to get married, so she worked hard on her cooking skills.

The dishes were quite delicious.

While eating the food, Xu Cheng thought of Lin Chuxue’s dark cuisine.

The corners of the lips curled behind the mask as he was thinking about it.

Shen Yao walked over with the phone in her hand and shook her head. “The call was able to get through, but no one is answering.”

Ran Jing: “That’s good, it means she’s fine and she should call us back once she sees it.”

She then glanced at Xu Cheng. “How is the taste? Not bad, right?”

Xu Cheng nodded. “Not bad, it’s a match to my wife’s cooking.”

The two ladies were surprised. “You have a wife?”

Xu Cheng nodded. “I may look ugly, but my wife is beautiful.”

 Xu Cheng glanced at Shen Yao and said, “As beautiful as she is.”

Shen Yao smiled out of politeness. “I can understand that love is blind.”

While Ran Jing was more straightforward. “No kidding? If your wife was like Yao Yao, how could you be willing to come here?”

“Work is work.” Xu Cheng lowered his head and ate his meal. He used his trench coat hood to cover up his whole face, so this way it was convenient for him to eat while the two of them couldn’t see his face.

“So do you have any children?” Ran Jing asked again.

Xu Cheng’s chopsticks paused for a moment, and he chewed slowly as he then shook his head. “Not yet.”

“You are a professional in criminal investigation, then you should be able to tell, right?” Ran Jing rolled her eyes at him. “Any normal man married to someone as beautiful as Yao Yao would love to stay at home every day and have kids ASAP. So, even if we know you have a wife, no one will look down at you. What are you bluffing about?”

Xu Cheng gave a bitter laugh and took a sip of soup. “I was being modest, my wife is actually more beautiful than her.”

Shen Yao couldn’t keep her politeness after hearing his words.

“Is there a photo? Let me see.”

 “No,” Xu Cheng said awkwardly.

“Hey man, although I’m not some super beauty, I’ve rarely seen those who are more beautiful than I am. If your wife is more beautiful than me, then I’ll live stream myself eating crap.”


Xu Cheng spat out a mouthful of soup.

He wiped his mouth while looking at Ran Jing with a bitter smile, Shen Yao’s words gave him a sense of deja vu.

Ran Jing felt that Shen Yao was too much, so she nudged her and said, “Don’t follow my footsteps. When I first met Xu Cheng, he told me that the big star Lin Chuxue was his wife, and I was as reckless as you were.”

Shen Yao was a little angry because she was quite proud of her looks, and when Xu Cheng said his wife was as beautiful as her at first, she thought it was understandable to joke. It was his wife, so she must be beautiful in his eyes, and out of courtesy, she didn’t take it seriously.

But Xu Cheng saying that his wife was more beautiful than her was something Shen Yao couldn’t listen to.

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