Chapter 740: Say Hello to Old Friends (Part One)

– Switzerland –

Inside a manor below the alpines.

Three former imperial guards were sitting at a table.

It had been almost a month since the disappearance of their brother Ge Li.

It was pointless in finding him because they know that Ge Lie must have died. If he hadn’t died, then he would have returned, but he never did. So there was only one explanation; he was already dead.

Then again, Xu Cheng’s body was not found either within the borders. Which meant that Xu Cheng lived and Ge Lie died!

The three old men didn’t look well these days. They had been dependent on each other for ages, and now there were only three of them left from the original ten who escaped; losing anyone would be painful to them.

“Counting on that kid to extend my life is impossible, but we shall get revenge for Ge Lie’s death, right?”

“All these years, it was Ge Lie who took care of us, and now that he is dead, it’s meaningless to live on. Let’s just get revenge for him and join our brothers down below.”

One of the old men took off his reading glasses and said while wiping it, “I feel the need to get even with those who wronged me in the past.”

A bald old man sighed. “It’s been so many years, why do you still remember? We’re one foot in the grave already.”

“It is because we’re dying that if I don’t get even, I won’t be able to rest in peace! I can’t. Since there are not many days left for us to live, let’s get even about what happened all those years ago. Think about how successful we are in this life, yet we cannot return to our home country. What’s the point? When the Qing Empire was destroyed, how did the H Family expel us? Now that we are about to die, why don’t we just take out those last five people of the H Family along with us?”

The bald man said, “The courtyard won’t be easy to break into, and no assassin in the world was ever able to break in there.”

The old man with the reading glasses coldly snorted. “For the three of us, those guards would be nothing. Let’s go. Even if we die, we die in our home country, so in a sense it’s a return to our homeland.”

That was when the slightly older man who hadn’t spoken gritted his teeth and said, “Go. It’ll be our last days of madness, and we will have revenge for the old and the new.”

The bald man suddenly said, “But can we leave? We know too many secrets of the Capital Society and they will be alerted if all three of us left.”

The other two old men went into silence.

The old man with glasses said, “Is revenge for Ge Lie’s death not enough? If not, then we don’t want our wealth accumulated over these decades. The three of us together should have 100 billion dollars, right?”

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