Chapter 741: They’re back (Part One)

– At the Ye Family Manor –

Elder Ye was playing Tai Chi, and Ye Xiu was blanking out under the pagoda tree; he still couldn’t accept the fact that Xu Cheng had died.

He had gone to see the tombstone and was very angry about it.

He shouted at his grandfather, “Why was Big Brother Cheng not buried in the martyr monument?”

“According to his request, he wanted to be reunited with his family, and you know that Xu Cheng had lived half of his life for his father, and surely he only wanted to be with his family when he died.”

“He died like this, and the five of you are this calm?” Ye Xiu was angry with his grandfather.

Elder Ye rolled his eyes at him and scolded, “Should I cry in tears? I’m already an old man, that’ll make me die faster.”

The fact was that Xu Cheng didn’t die, so how could he, an old man who had lived a glorified life, cry out loud like that.

Ye Xiu gritted his teeth and said, “I want to be discharged from the army!”

Elder Ye’s eyelids twitched. “And do what?”

Ye Xiu: “I’m going to get revenge for my Big Brother Cheng. He died abroad, and that’s the same as our citizen dying in a foreign land. If we don’t make it even, what kind of brother would I be?”

Elder Ye grunted, “If Xu Cheng with his strength was killed by them, what can you do? You’re not even strong enough for them to take more than a couple seconds to kill. Don’t cause me trouble, everything must go in accordance with the procedure.”

Ye Xiu slapped the table and stood up. “I can’t be at peace if I just do nothing. Did you see how Aunt Lan cried in front of his grave everyday? I feel that nobody is normal, other than Aunt Lan. If he died in the country and you tell me that law is above everything else, then I’ll accept it. But he died abroad, and if we tolerate this, then it would be a shame to the country and not just our own!”

Elder Ye: “Then you go and scold your father, why vent your anger out on me? Your father is in power, go talk to him!”

Ye Xiu turned around and walked away, intending to do so.

He just turned around when the courtyard door opened. Ye Pei got off from the car and walked into the courtyard, and he saw Ye Xiu’s angry look so he asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

Ye Xiu: “I want to leave the country.”

“Nonsense.” Ye Pei glared at him. “Xu Cheng’s death is a fact. You don’t even know what happened and you’re going out blind, what can you do? Travel? You are the only son of the Ye Family, what do you want the Ye Family to do if something happens to you?”

Ye Xiu said: “You and my mother can have another one.”

“I’ll slap you to death, go back.” Ye Pei raised his hand, looking like he was ready to slap him.

But he didn’t do it because he knew that Ye Xiu was just being impulsive. After he pretended to scare him, he brushed over Ye Xiu and walked inside.

Ye Xiu wanted to say something to him, but then saw that someone had stuck a piece of paper on his father’s back.

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