Chapter 742: For the sake of the nation, we have no regrets (Part One)

Little Joker said, “Chiefs, leave this to the Dragon Division.”

Old Master Ye said, “What can the Dragon Division do? If these people could go to Ye Pei’s office without being noticed by the guards and put the paper on his back, then that’s enough to show that they can go anywhere with their strength. We can hide today, but we can’t hide forever.”

Little Joker: “The Dragon Division has the obligation to protect your safety and we can’t put you at risk. My opinion is to head to the army! No matter how strong they are, they can’t just break into the armed military district. The technology there will reveal them no matter where they hide.”

Old Master Ye nodded. “Take the four of them there. This place isn’t safe anymore.”

The other four chiefs were angry. “Old brother Ye, what do you mean? Should we be afraid? Don’t forget that we were the victors back then, even if they come to our door today, they are still losers. If we run and hide, we would be even more defeated than losers!”

Little Joker’s face changed. “No, we can’t do this Chiefs. No matter what happened in the past, it’s too risky for you to do this now.”

Old Master Nie said, “If they wanted to kill us, they wouldn’t have warned us first. So, they probably have something to discuss with us.”

Little Joker: “The Dragon Division will come out to deal with it if anything happens, Chiefs. It’s absolutely important that you don’t deal with them directly. You must hide in the military zone for a while.”

Old Master Ye looked at Little Joker and said, “How confident are you in exterminating the three of them? How long would it take you?”

“I…” Little Joker hesitated. “I don’t know, but the Dragon Division will ensure the safety of Chiefs with their lives.”

Old Master Ye shook his head. “Forget it, let’s meet with them directly. We haven’t seen each other for decades. Instead of the past desire to win, I want to show them our country today; to see whether they were right or we were right.”

Old Master Xing nodded, “Then let’s arrange it at the old place?”

The other four old men nodded. “Alright, if it’s really the star guards from back then, they should be waiting for us there.”

Little Joker was speechless. “Chiefs, do you know what it means for you to go here? If something happens to you guys, the Dragon Division will collapse. Please don’t give us a hard time, will you leave this matter to the Dragon Division?”

Old Master Ye patted Little Joker’s shoulder and said, “Dao Yuan, you are also not young. Since you are back, enjoy your life from now on. The country hasn’t treated you well, and the Dragon Division can not intervene on this matter. They will empty your power to blackmail us, so you guys should just stay out of it. If we do not step forward, they will have other ways to force us to take this step. Don’t forget that those with bare feet aren’t afraid of those wearing shoes because they’ve got nothing to lose. With their strength, it would be easy for them to create turmoil in the society. So, we have to go meet them.”

Having said that, the five old mastersleft the Dragon Division.

However, Little Joker would not let them take a risk on their own, and he immediately gave an order to Bei Shan: have Xu Cheng come back!

Bei Shan found an intelligence officer of the Dragon Division in Shangcheng and got transferred to Xu Cheng.


Bei Shan: “Come back, something’s happened.”

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