Chapter 742: For the sake of the nation, we have no regrets (Part Two)

Xu Cheng: “What about here? Are we not trying to get rid of the underlying forces of the Capital Society here in Shangcheng?”

Bei Shan: “They’ve come to us! It is probably those eunuchs from Second Master’s intelligence. Come back and I’ll tell you more about it.”

After hanging up the phone, Xu Cheng went to instruct Li Chao about some of the next moves before he headed back to Yanjing.

Little Joker was very nervous because unprecedented opponents had entered their country!

If they managed to do anything within the country, then it would be a dereliction of duty on the part of the Dragon Division, who had an obligation to maintain the strategic development of the country and to eliminate anything that would be detrimental to the country.

However, the opponent was a little beyond expectations.

Little Joker asked the Dragon Division intelligence officers, “Where are the Chiefs going?”

The intelligence officer was worried. “Second Master, the Chiefs are heading to the Forbidden City.”

Little Joker froze, and then a torn expression flashed across his face.

To deal with those people, they must use weapons of mass destruction, or even missiles to destroy the enemies, as well as all the surroundings. But, if they were to make a move in the Forbidden City under the nose of the Yanjing citizens, any movement would alarm the public. If they really do so, then the Dragon Division would be fully responsible for it.

Military Drills? Who would be stupid enough to believe that they were practicing at a cultural site?

Once the place was damaged, they would also be condemned by public opinion.

To put it bluntly, there was no way to use large-scale weapons there!

“Why did the chiefs decide to go there? That’s not giving our Dragon Division a chance to make a move.” The intelligence officer frowned.

Little Joker contemplated for a while and issued an order, “All members of the Dragon Division are to dress casually and surround the Forbidden City. Once the situation goes out of control, we shall kill the enemy!”

This time, it could be said that the Dragon Division was going all out, and that was a necessary decision made by Little Joker. If anything happened to the five old Masters, then the Dragon Division would be put into an awkward position. If they couldn’t even protect the Chiefs’ lives, then how could they protect the country? So by then, the Dragon Division would be condemned by the country, and that was something Little Joker could not afford to happen. He did not owe the country anything and he wanted to keep it that way until the end.

In fact, it wasn’t the five old masters who wanted to choose this place, but that it was the Forbidden City. The fall of a dynasty happened there; when they occupied that place, the Forbidden City also became a piece of history.

The five old Masters all took the bus and entered the protected regions of the Forbidden City with their identity. When they walked up the steps of the Golden Palace, they all felt very emotional.

They pushed open the magnificent gate and found three old men standing there in the hall.

They were all wearing the Imperial Guard uniform from the past.

The three of them grinned when they saw the five of them come in.

Azure Dragon looked around as he said to himself, “Back then, the H Family walked into this hall as victors and demanded the emperor to step down, making imperialism history. But today, when you walked in, don’t you get the feeling that you guys are like a piece of meat on the chopping board, waiting to be sliced?” 

“No.” Old Master Ye looked indifferent as he questioned with boldness, “Was the feudal system correct? If it had not fallen, how could the new era emerge? We do not believe that we were wrong, and I think the three of you would know better than anyone else how the outside world looks. These years, Huaxia is continuously reaching higher international status. Do you think that was something the Qing Empire could achieve? Ask yourselves with your conscience!”

Azure Dragon coldly snorted. “A guy who has killed people thinks he can become a good person after hiding for decades, do you think that’s possible? Do you think the law will give him a chance? No way, right?”

Old Master Zhou grunted, “We would never deny that massacre, and we have never labeled ourselves as good persons. But for the sake of the next generation of our country, we don’t regret doing that!”

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