Chapter 743: Hand him over (Part One)

Old Master Ye paced back and forth and said, “We don’t regret it, because we have a strong nation to support us now, and we feel proud of our actions. If we were given another chance, we would have no intention to change history, those who should be killed must be killed.”

“What a good one: those who should be killed must be killed!” Azure Dragon’s eerie voice came from above. “I thought that after so many years, you would feel remorse for what you have done, but I didn’t expect it to get even worse. Do you know why only the five of you from the H Family have survived to this day?”

The five old masters did not answer as they did not understand.

Azure Dragon continued: “We remember the members of the H Family clearly. Even if you were burned to charcoal, we would still recognize who you are. However, if it was the three of us, if there was no paper, no uniforms, and if we didn’t appear in this place, I’m afraid that you simply would not recognize us at all. That’s because in your eyes, we are just failures of history. But I want to tell you that if you didn’t have this country behind you, we would have killed you a long time ago! Wasn’t it strange that whenever a member of the H Family left the country to go abroad in the past decades, that they would just die out there?”

Old Master Ye: “Of course it’s strange, that’s why Little Joker from Dragon Division was investigating this matter.”

Azure Dragon suddenly floated down from the steps of the main hall.

He came up to Old Master Ye and looked at him face to face coldly, asking word for word, “So was the investigation useful? With the strength we had in the past, wanting to set foot here when the Dragon Division wasn’t well established would have been easy as pie. We couldn’t destroy your national dreams, but you think we couldn’t assassinate the five of you? You think only you guys have a great righteous agenda for the country and we don’t? We did not kill you because we knew you guys had a responsibility in this country!”

Having said that, he turned his back on the five old Masters and said, “As you can see, the reason why we called you here is because we have a condition.”

Old Master Guo raised his head. “Say it.”

“This condition is very simple for you guys, and that is to hand over Xu Cheng!” Azure Dragon said.

Outside the palace, all forty-eight cards of the Dragon Division were on standby.

One more person had arrived.

Xu Cheng!

When the three of them asked them to hand him over, Xu Cheng remained still and looked at the expression of the five old Masters.

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” Old Master Ye said.

“Stop pretending.” Azure Dragon said, “He’s definitely not dead, but our brother died and he was killed by him. We admit that you’ve governed this country well and you proved yourselves right, so for the sake of the country, we won’t talk about the past. However, regarding this man, you must hand him over!”

“He’s dead, how could we hand him over?” Old Master Ye said angrily, “Didn’t he die because of you all?”

Azure Dragon suddenly turned around and appeared in front of Old Master Ye, who was not slow to react and tried to dodge. However, his SS strength was not a match for the R rank strength of Azure Dragon; he simply grabbed Old Master Ye!

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