Chapter 744: Either you die or I die (Part One)

The three Imperial Guards looked at Xu Cheng wearing a clown mask, and Azure Dragon asked, “You are Xu Cheng?”

Xu Cheng nodded. “Let him go, you are looking for me. I am the one who killed that silver-haired old man.” 

Azure Dragon looked at Xu Cheng and said, “Where is his body?”

“I burned it to ash.” Xu Cheng said, “That’s why you didn’t see the corpse. It was to buy us more time. If you had known he was dead in the first place, you definitely wouldn’t have let me get on the plane, as well as my other brothers.”

“Then you must die here today,” Azure Dragon said.

Old Master Ye yelled at him threatening, “If he dies here today, there is no way you guys will leave here alive!”

“We didn’t think we could leave here alive anyways. We didn’t plan to die outside this country when we came back this time.” Azure Dragon said, “You’d better think about yourself, do you think this kid can save you?”

Old Master Ye’s expression changed slightly as he shouted at Xu Cheng, “Leave me alone. Endure this today and even if I die, these three won’t live for long. You must stay alive to guard the Dragon Division. That will be enough.”

Xu Cheng said loudly, “What do you want?”

The three old Imperial guards all laughed.

“Eye for an eye; it is only right for you to die here today to repay his life.”

“I killed someone, but I don’t believe in God, so if you guys want me to kill myself to atone for taking his life, that would be impossible. If you dare, come and take away my life yourself. You guys threatened me with my woman the first time, and now you’re coming a second time. Eunuchs are truly eunuchs, because that’s not what a man would do. I can’t believe you call yourselves experts. To be honest, even if you didn’t come to find me, I would find you in the future and kill you all. I was wondering where I could find you guys and now you jumped out on your own. That’s great! Don’t you want my life? And you have no intention to leave here alive as well? I’m not going anywhere, so it’s either you die, or I die. Everyone else here will leave, are you satisfied?”

The three of them didn’t want to use hostages to threaten Xu Cheng, and they only called the five old Masters out to lure Xu Cheng out.

Since Xu Cheng was direct to the point, then they did achieve their purpose.

Azure Dragon pushed old Master Ye over and said, “Threatening your woman was not our intention, nor did we think it was worth it to do so. Since you’re willing to fight us then there is no problem. The rest of them here can leave, and if they don’t leave, I won’t hesitate to kill them all!”

Xu Cheng said to the surrounding Dragon Division members, “Get the five Chiefs out of here.”

The ordinary card members came forward to help the five Chiefs get down from the top steps as they brought them outside the palace.

There were still 4 Heavenly King members and 12 Earthly King members left, as well as Little Joker, who stood behind Xu Cheng’s back, looking like they were going to face the three Imperial Guards all together.

However, that’s when Xu Cheng said, “You guys head outside as well.”

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