Chapter 745: I look like Bai Wuchang who’s here to take your lives (Part One)

When Xu Cheng kicked Azure Dragon away, Vermillion Bird managed to attack and rip off Xu Cheng’s mask.

All of a sudden, Xu Cheng’s pale face that was white as paper got revealed in front of the three of them.

Vermillion Bird climbed back up and laughed out, “I was wondering why you were wearing a mask. So it turns out it’s because you look like this. I guess you can only spend the rest of your life with that clown mask on you. To be honest, I thought we should get revenge for Ge Lie’s death, but seeing you like this, I realized it must be more painful to let you live like this than to let you die, right?”

Xu Cheng’s eyes instantly turned red.

“This is exactly why you guys are going to die today. If it wasn’t for you guys, I wouldn’t have become like this. What do you think I look like today? Don’t I look like the White Impermanence? Well, it’s certainly time and the King of Hell has asked me to come and take your lives.”

“That depends on whether you are capable of doing so.”

Azure Dragon suddenly leaped up high and slammed down.

 Xu Cheng swung his punch with more than 10,000 pounds of strength.

“Big Brother be careful, this kid’s strength is too fierce.” Vermillion Bird shouted.

Azure Dragon’s palm suddenly curled around Xu Cheng’s arms and attacked the vital points with his fingers.

Xu Cheng shook his entire body!

The force shook Azure Dragon off and sent him flying.

“I’ve learned from the silver-haired old man, you think I would fall for the same trick a second time?” Xu Cheng stared at the Azure Dragon and smiled coldly.

That was when Black Tortoise rushed over with the wind.

Xu Cheng disappeared on the spot.

The two attackers narrowed their eyes for a moment, as their target had disappeared, causing them to be stunned in their movement.

In fact, Xu Cheng actually went invisible and bounced off the ground with his mantis and cat powers, charging at the two attackers in the sky.

Black Tortoise and Vermillion Bird felt a gust of strong wind quickly approaching them, and it was hard for them to avoid in midair, because there was no force they could use to twist away their body under the inertia.

Xu Cheng opened his two arms wide like an eagle spreading its wings and slammed one of his arms into each of their abdomens, hitting them with the force of an aircraft chopping across their waists.

Xu Cheng flew towards the roof of the palace with Vermillion Bird and Black Tortoise hanging on his two arms, and he slammed them against the palace walls, cracking them apart.

He flew high up above the sky and grabbed the two old men one with each hand as he threw them downwards in a ruthless manner.

The two of them were upside down as their heads smashed into the ground, almost turning their faces into mush!

They were too old to be tossed around like this.

The two of them almost died as they laid there on the ground with blood flowing out from the corners of their mouth.

Azure Dragon was surprised. “Third brother, fifth brother!”

Xu Cheng then appeared on the steps of the palace, where the Emperor’s throne was located.

He looked down at the three people below the steps from a high position with an indifferent expression.

“You guys are not as good as that silver-haired old man.”

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