Chapter 746: Internal force vs. External force (Part One)

After Xu Cheng got up from the collapsed ruins, he shouted at Bei Shan and the others, “Block the outside and don’t let anyone in, leave this place to me!”

Satan saw that he was still holding up, so he ordered the people behind him. “Go!”

Bei Shan and the others quickly left and headed outside to stop any nosey civilians from gathering here because of the sound.

They set up a barrier a thousand meters away from the palace and claimed that the noise was due to renovation.

Instead of not allowing the citizens to come in, it was rather to keep an eye on Azure Dragon from escaping.

Azure Dragon looked at Xu Cheng and said, “It is difficult to imagine how you achieved such a high level at this age. Your Shadow Fist hasn’t even reached its peak. Even your master, during the peak of his power, was not as strong as you. What kind of kung fu did you practice?”

“Then I will show you,” Xu Cheng said as he disappeared on the spot and jumped in front of Azure Dragon.

Azure Dragon felt his presence approaching from a hundred meters away within just two seconds, and he subconsciously dodged away.

All he saw was a pit created beneath where he once stood.

The wind was howling, and even if Xu Cheng was invisible, any slight movement would be caught by the wind and it wasn’t hard for Azure Dragon to find him.

Xu Cheng was still invisible as he swung his leg at Azure Dragon.

Azure Dragon suddenly thought of something and grabbed in mid-air based on his senses. He managed to grab Xu Cheng’s ankles and swung Xu Cheng onto a stone lion statue. 


Xu Cheng almost puked up a mouthful of blood.

Azure Dragon’s eerie voice sounded. “I was wondering how powerful you were, not as I expected. If my brother Ge Lie can beat you until you had to flee back to the country to hide, then it means that you are not much stronger. At least I’m able to deal with you at my current state. Once I kill you, it will be the death of those five old men, and even if I die, I’ll take all of them down with me to end the battle between us and the H family.”

He returned to his eerie eunuch kind of look. He seemed particularly strange with a full head of white hair on his pale head and his hysterical laughter with his toothless mouth wide open.

“How easily do you think you can break into the great country of Huaxia? I’ll show that group of Capital Society behind you, that no matter who intrudes into this country, they will all die!”

Having said that, Xu Cheng burst out with all his strength as he rushed towards Azure Dragon, so powerful that he distorted the air around him.

Azure Dragon suddenly stomped his feet on the ground fiercely, trying to negate Xu Cheng’s brute power with his sturdy lower body strength. However, even if he was able to resist Xu Cheng’s attack, he couldn’t resist the inertia that came with the attack.

Xu Cheng pushed him directly into the palace wall behind him.

Boom boom boom.

It was as if a giant bulldozer with a thousand horsepower crashed over the palace walls one after another.

角木’s body was used by Xu Cheng to push across five walls, and Azure Dragon felt as if his back was going to fall apart. He spat out blood as he slapped his palm viciously on Xu Cheng’s chest.

Xu Cheng got slapped away and spat out a mouthful of blood as well.

Meanwhile Azure Dragon finally stopped after crashing through the seventh wall and was soon buried in a pile of debris.

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