Chapter 748: Ways (Part One)

– Shangcheng –

Ran Jing kept an eye on the van that went to the South Gate Food Plaza everyday.

On the next day, she intended to inspect if this van was really pulling ‘goods.’

They had alerted the snake anyways and there was nothing to lose, so why not gamble for once.

She brought seven or eight subordinates with her and surrounded the van suddenly while they were loading the fishes.

“Police, don’t move!”

All the police officers pulled out their guns and the staff, who were loading the fish were startled; all of them subconsciously squatted down and covered their heads.

The driver that Ran Jing saw was not only not afraid, but he smiled and asked, “What are you doing, Chief Ran?”

Ran Jing walked over with a serious face. “Inspection, please cooperate.”

“Feel free to check.” The driver shrugged indifferently.

Ran Jing just couldn’t stand this guy’s villainous look, and she said to her subordinates with a little anger: “Search the entire van, including the fish. Check whether they’re alive or dead, and if there’s anything hidden inside the stomach.”

The subordinates nodded and started to search the whole van.

Seats, beneath the car, trunk, fish, and everything.

Ran Jing knew that she messed up when nobody could find anything, and her expression clouded up, making it hard to tell what she was thinking.

The driver came over and said, “Chief Ran, why bother? Since you transferred to Shangcheng, you have been trying to take down the four Gates. Three years ago, you succeeded with the North and West Gate, and now you’ve got promoted, why not give our South Gate a chance to live. We are engaged in legal business, you can’t be prejudiced and think all of the Gates are involved in those kinds of business.”

“Isn’t it?” Ran Jing sneered. “The four Gates are like the cavities of Shangcheng. If you’re conducting business legally, then why are you afraid of our investigation?”

“Then did you find anything?” The driver said, “If you bite on our tail this hard, we won’t back down. Be careful since I could report to the provincial government that you’re trying to suppress legal and healthy enterprises.”

Ran Jing looked at the way this driver talked like a gangster and said to him in a deep voice, “Sure, go ahead! Go now! Do you want me to give you the phone number?”

The driver’s mouth twitched and he said impatiently, “Well have you got anything? Don’t get in the way of our business. You police are hilarious, you’re not investigating the smugglers but you’re here to investigate us. Weirdo.”

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