Chapter 750: Hard time (Part One)

Police station.

Ran Jing was having a headache on where the case was at when someone from Li Chao’s team knocked on her office door.

“Chief, good news. We have caught the key smugglers during training. Everything from the source to shipping channels and the selling platform have been uncovered and arrested!”

Ran Jing stood up. “Are you sure? Who arrested them?”

“Our team leader, Li Chao. He organized our undercover investigation, and they are on their way back with the suspects while he’s heading to arrest Liu Xianming.”

“That wealthy man Liu Xianming? Arrest him for what?” Ran Jing asked curiously.

“No one would have thought that the source of the goods actually came from his yacht. He’s playing with fire.”

“No wonder he got rich this fast. His rise in Shangcheng was quite surprising within that short amount of time. Come on, take me to your team leader.”

Li Chao was at Liu Xianming’s home trying to arrest the suspect.

Liu Xianming’s lawyer was giving Li Chao and the others a hard time. Li Chao had come over first to prevent Liu Xianming from running away.

However, he didn’t have the arrest warrant, and Liu Xianming was not an ordinary person. His company was a prestigious enterprise in Shangcheng, and he himself was a corporate celebrity. It was already alarming to the public that groups of police had surrounded his house, and if he was to be taken away, then his reputation and business would suffer a great hit.

Moreover, no one would want him to be arrested!


Because Liu Xianming was the only person who knew the list of people who participated in this collaboration, and if he was taken into an investigation, he would confess all the names; so, the lawyers would not allow him to be taken away.

That was why Li Chao was given a hard time.

“What are you still doing here? Since you have no right to arrest me, go back. Are you waiting for me to invite you to stay for dinner?” Liu Xianming glanced at Li Chao who refused to leave.

Li Chao and the others had blocked the villa gate with their police cars.

He couldn’t let Liu Xianming slip away today, he expected that those at the frontline were all in the shallow water and they wouldn’t know any in-depth list of insiders. So Liu Xianming must be arrested and taken away today as a breakthrough point in this case.

Li Chao lit a cigarette on the balcony, Liu Xianming’s words made him feel very annoyed.

He made a phone call to the subordinate who he sent to relay a message to Ran Jing.

Probably only Ran Jing would have a high enough rank to proceed with the arrest, as his rank simply didn’t allow him to do so. The wealthy group of people behind Liu Xianming could easily get Li Chao in trouble and make him lose his job.

Only Ran Jing could confront them.

Ran Jing received a call from her superiors on the way there.

The wealthy group of forces behind Liu Xianming was quite strong as they managed to directly speak to Ran Jing’s superiors to pressure her.

He asked bluntly over the phone, “Do you think arresting Liu Xianming can end this case?”

Ran Jing did not actually have much of an idea, but she felt that detaining Liu Xianming should be the normal procedure.

“Boss, I’m just following the protocol to arrest him.”

The superior: “That does not work. In the absence of certainty that he was at the scene on that yacht, and before we ensure he was involved in drug trafficking, you cannot arrest him. Tell your team to not block his doors and quickly retreat. Investigate the suspects you’ve arrested already and don’t touch Liu Xianming for now.”

“How could we not arrest him? His yacht was the drug manufacturing site, so he must have something to do with it,” Ran Jing said.

“Yes, there’s a connection but you don’t have any evidence. We won’t get much out of him even if we arrest him, and we’ll just end up in deep waters. You know he’s working on the riverside project, and if the project gets put on halt because he was arrested, are you going to take responsibility for it?”

Ran Jing: “Then are we investigating this case or not?”

The superior: “Yes! But first, do not touch Liu Xianming until you have solid evidence. By then, you can feel free to do whatever and I won’t stop you.”

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