Chapter 751: Someone else is in charge of this case (Part One)

Ran Jing stood directly in front of Liu Xianming’s car, blocking his way.

She waved her hand for Li Chao to come over.

She told him, “I’m handing the case to you, do whatever you want to do with it.”

Li Chao let out a bitter laugh. “Chief, if you can’t even take him down, then I have even less power to do so.”

Ran Jing came up to Li Chao’s ear and said, “Don’t you think I know that this operation was not your idea at all? I am in an awkward state but you also know that Liu Xianming is a key to this case, so we must catch him. I can’t do this, but it doesn’t mean the person behind you can’t either, understand? It just depends on you if you want to take this risky opportunity to get promoted.”

Li Chao narrowed his eyes.

If Ran Jing handed over this case to him officially, and if he was able to solve it, then that would be a huge credit.

However, if he couldn’t solve it even though he had already messed with Liu Xianming, getting fired would then be the only option left for him.

Yet life was like this; there will be opportunities, but it depends on the person if they dare to grasp it.

Li Chao gritted his teeth. “Chief, I’ll take it!”

Ran Jing did not expect Li Chao to be so courageous.

“Good job, I’ll try to protect you the best I can.”

“No, you don’t need to put yourself at risk since I’ve decided to take on the responsibility. If I fail with this case, your reputation probably won’t get better either,” Li Chao said.

Ran Jing let out a bitter smile. “You’re right, so, I’ve put all the bets on you. You got confidence?”

Li Chao said, “I have confidence in Mr. Fang. I don’t know why, but he gives me a feeling like someone I know. I don’t know if you still remember, Chief Ran, but I’m referring to Xu Cheng back when we resolved the North and South Gate cases.”

“How could I not remember?” Ran Jing smiled bitterly. “You’re right, this Mr. Fang really acts a bit like Xu Cheng, but unfortunately he is not him.”

“But I think Mr. Fang and Big Brother Cheng are the same type of people. They have that kind of confidence within them and do things with a clear mind. I never need to ask why when I work with him, and I just need to follow. In fact, this whole plan was Mr. Fang’s idea and I just followed it step by step, and it turns out we’ve caught the big fish. So I choose to believe him.”

Ran Jing nodded. “Then from now on, you are in charge of this case.”

Having said that, Ran Jing turned around and walked away, and she said to Liu Xianming with a soft smile, “When you get through this storm, then maybe we’ll have some afternoon tea.”

“It’s a deal.” Liu Xianming looked at Ran Jing as she walked away.

Li Chao stood directly in front of Liu Xianming’s car and held up his phone to call Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng was still in Yanjing when he received Li Chao’s call, and he didn’t expect him to progress so quickly.

After hearing about the current situation, Xu Cheng said assertively, “Arrest him!”

Li Chao was in a difficult position. “But I don’t have the right to arrest him. I can follow the normal procedure to arrest him, but I will also lose my job.”

Xu Cheng scolded from the other end. “As a police officer, if you care too much about the consequences, then why are you even part of the police? You don’t need to be afraid of anyone, even your leader. Remember, as long as you stand with the law, you are right. Do you believe me or not? If you do, arrest him directly, and no one is allowed to take him away before I get back!”

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