Chapter 752: Hypnotic interrogation (Part One)

– Shangcheng Chamber of Commerce –

Inside a conference room.

The president of the Chamber of Commerce and other foreign tycoons were gathered here.

They were here today because someone was arrested.

Liu Xianming.

He knew everything he should know and everything he should not know.

The president was an authentic man from Shangcheng, and his wealth would put him among the top twenty wealthiest in the country.

Yet today, he felt a little panicked.

Because Liu Xianming was arrested, and he was afraid that it was just a matter of time before the connection between the Chamber of Commerce and foreign Wei Nation forces would be exposed.

“Mr. Shitsuno, I’ve tried to use the Chamber of Commerce to pressure the local police, but Liu Xianming was still arrested. Aren’t you afraid that he can’t keep his mouth closed? He knows too much. He was one of your people in the beginning, and if it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t have cooperated. Now that something has happened to him, it is necessary for you to solve this matter in order to not get us involved.”

Shitsuno was a Wei Nation citizen, and it wasn’t hard to figure out his background from the tattoos on his arms and chest. He was a core leader of the Miguchi group. Since the existence of the Miguchi group was legal in Wei Nation, he was also not restricted from entering Huaxia.

Shitsuno laughed. “Don’t panic Mr. Wang. Since Liu Xianming is one of our people, he’s certainly not just an ordinary commoner. He knows that some things should not be said, because once he does, he knows he wouldn’t survive even if he’s in prison. However, if he keeps his mouth shut, then we would have a way to save him. So, he’s not stupid.”

Wang Tian was the president of the Chamber of Commerce and he said, “I have to panic, because I didn’t feel at ease working with a mafia force like yours. If it wasn’t for the Capital Society behind you, I wouldn’t have taken the risk.”

“Of course, if we can infiltrate into the entire wealth circle of the Shangcheng, then Mr. Wang you have a great credit in this. The Capital Society would welcome you to be a member, and by then, the benefits would only be greater!”

Wang Tian should not have cooperated with this person who was from a mafia force, but he couldn’t resist this temptation.

First, it could be said that Shitsuno was on a great mission, crossing the borders into Huaxia.

He was here with an order from the Miguchi group to collect the disbanded North Gate members as their people in Huaxia. Ever since the disbanding of the North Gate, a lot of the members had difficulties returning to society. They were still somewhat hot blooded, and the appearance of Shitsuno reunited the North Gate members again.

Shitsono paved the way for them with illegal drug trade.

If Shitsuno could stand firm in the Huaxia commerce circle, then it would be convenient for the Capital Society behind them, and he would definitely be the seventh-generation leader of the Miguchi Group.

This was a plan to kill two birds with one stone, and therefore Shitsuno’s role was critical in this plan. That was why Wang Tian had to cooperate with him to get into the Capital Society and gain greater benefits for the Chamber of Commerce, and by then, he would become an unprecedented president and might even become one of the wealthiest men in the world. This was a mutually beneficial transaction which meant that they were on the same boat at this point.

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