Chapter 753: Targeting the economy of a country (Part One)

Xu Cheng put his hands on his cheeks and began to ask questions.

“Who is behind you?”

 Liu Xianming: “Hiroshi Shitsuno.”

Li Chao searched up this name in their computer data system in the other room, and all of his information was gathered when he entered the country.

He said to Xu Cheng through the headset, “Mr. Fang, he’s a Wei Nation citizen.”

Of course Xu Cheng knew that he was from Wei Nation, and the Dragon Division had their eyes on this person from the beginning. His identity was a sensitive matter with his background in the Sanko Group, and Xu Cheng knew about their connection during his assassination of the Shanling Consortium. That was why the Dragon Division had been watching him since he entered the country, and suspected his purpose when they found out he was trying to get close to the North Gate members.

“Who is Hiroshi Shitsuno?” Xu Cheng asked.

Liu Xianming: “One of the three major group leaders of the Sanko Group, a contender for the seventh generation successor.”

Xu Cheng: “Why are you running this clubhouse?”

Liu Xianming: “To get connected with the wealthy people for him. A lot of the events on the yacht party are favored by those rich men. Hiroshi Shitsuno is responsible for getting the Four Gates together, and the money earned from the wealthy people goes back to the Four Gates. They will collaborate and protect this chain and no matter what the rich people want to do, the Four Gates would be responsible for getting it to them, whether it is women or drugs or something more exciting. Two-third of my assets goes to the Four Gates, and Hiroshi Shitsuno is doing this so the Four Gates would follow his orders.”

Li Chao had cold sweat running down his back listening to the conversation from the outside.

Xu Cheng: “Then what’s the purpose for getting connected with the wealthy people?”

Liu Xianming: “Uniting the wealthy people in Shangcheng would be equivalent to uniting one-fifth of Huaxia’s wealthy people. It’s the financial center here and all the companies and wealthy groups here are very capable, so with their support, it is equivalent to grabbing Huaxia by the throat.”

Xu Cheng: “So as of now, which tycoons has Hiroshi Shitsuno reached an agreement with?”

Liu Xianming: “The largest ones are part of the local Shangcheng Chamber of Commerce, led by Wang Tian. That group of local rich people are close with Hiroshi Shitsuno, and there’s a massive group of tycoons both inside and outside of the province.”

Xu Cheng: “These rich people aren’t stupid, they can’t be just here for the sake of joining the club right?”

Liu Xianming: “Correct. They’re here for the supreme power behind Hiroshi Shitsuno. I don’t know what organization it is, but after those people met with Hiroshi Shitsuno, they always keep in contact and my club has become a bridge for them. Once they find Hiroshi Shitsuno, he then has a way to help them evade taxes by sending their money to offshore companies.”

Xu Cheng narrowed his eyes.

Tax evasion was an inevitable lure for any company, the profit was simply too huge.

Many company’s profits end up minimal because of taxes, but if there was a safe method for tax evasion, then any business would be eager to join the club!

But if they really allowed Hiroshi Shitsuno to earn profit from those companies evading taxes, then there would be nothing left to contribute to national GDP.

This was equivalent to grabbing money from the country, and trying to interfere with the public finance.

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