Chapter 754: Don’t insult smugglers (Part One)

As soon as 24 hours had passed from the moment Liu Xianming was arrested, his lawyer arrived at the police station with a briefcase to pressure the police to release him.

“I’m here for Mr. Liu Xianming’s release,” he said after showing his work permit.

The police officers registered his ID and contacted Li Chao, who was interrogating Liu Xianming.

After Li Chao came over, he said directly to the lawyer, “Sorry Lawyer Zhang, Liu Xianming has confessed to his criminal acts, and we are officially arresting him for his conviction.”

“What?” Lawyer Zhang was dumbfounded.

“Officer Li, you’re not kidding me, are you? He confessed? He didn’t do anything, what could he have confessed to? Are you guys just going to beat him into submission? Excuse me, I need to see my client. I think you must have done something to him.”

Li Chao: “Sorry, you can’t see him.”

Having said that, Li Chao walked away.

Lawyer Zhang: “Wait a minute Officer Li, I don’t think you’ve put yourself in the right position! Do you know what you’re doing? Do you know what consequences you will bring to yourself with that statement just now? Are you saying this on your behalf, or on the behalf of your police department? I’m telling you, I will communicate directly with your superiors.”

“Then you are free to do as you please.” Li Chao shrugged his shoulders and continued to walk away.

Lawyer Zhang turned around in a panic and picked up his cell phone to make a call to his superiors.

“Hello? Mr. Shitsuno, the police have officially arrested Liu Xianming and are not willing to release him.”

“What do you mean? Arrested? Who are they to arrest?”

“I don’t know. They said that Liu Xianming has already confessed to everything.”

“Impossible!” Hiroshi Shitsuno yelled. “It must be the police playing a psychological game with us! Liu Xianming could not have confessed. Have you seen him? Is there a possibility of determining whether he was beaten into a confession?”

“I haven’t seen him in person yet, they are forbidding me from seeing him. I need to talk to him to know what’s going on,” Lawyer Zhang said.

“I will put pressure on the police from my side, wait for my call.”

After Hiroshi Shitsuno hung up the call, he headed to the Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber of Commerce was in a meeting, but he went in and interrupted as he said to Wang Tian, “The situation has changed, Liu Xianming is still being detained by the police, and they have officially arrested him. I feel that the pressure you’ve given to the police was simply not enough!”

Wang Tian’s expression changed and he asked a few VPs and other core tycoons to stay and discuss the matter.

Wang Tian called the provincial leader directly.

This time, they used their entire Chamber of Commerce project as a threat, stating the important position of Liu Xianming in the Chamber and the project, and that if he was taken away because of this lawsuit, then the project will be stopped.

Then the provincial side directed the pressure to the police department.

Ran Jing’s direct superior even headed to her office to find her.

At the same time, Hiroshi Shitsuno had a plan B, which was making the former North Gate members the scapegoat to take responsibility for this drug smuggling case.

North Gate had members who weren’t afraid of death because if they took on the blame, their family would be compensated with millions of dollars.

“Officer, I want to turn myself in.”

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