Chapter 755: Who in the world are you? (Part One)

The superior bumped into Second Team’s captain Li Chao at the corner.

He looked pissed and scolded right away, “Do you guys not understand English? What the hell is going on? It’s been 24 hours, why haven’t you released him? Official arrest? Who’s idea was this?”

Li Chao let out a bitter smile. “Boss, calm down. We won’t wrong an innocent person, but we also won’t let go of a criminal. We’ve arrested Liu Xianming because we’ve gained further evidence.”

“Don’t play this game with me, what did you find? Did anyone get rough with him? Did you beat him into submission?”

“No, absolutely not!” Li Chao said, “I will not do any actions that would discredit the police, you can come with me to check on him.”

The superior nodded; as long as there was no beating then he could explain to his superior.

He followed Li Chao to the place where Liu Xianming was being held and sighed out of relief when he saw that Liu Xianming was perfectly fine.

Liu Xianming saw him as well, and he remembered seeing him during an investment fair so he immediately ran over and grabbed the bars as he yelled, “Director General Huang! You came just in time, these people fooled me! I didn’t say anything, I’m not guilty, why are they arresting me? I want to see my lawyer!”

“Calm down first Liu Xianming, I believe our police department is an irresponsible institution, and I’m here to understand what’s going on. If the procedure is fine, then I will be able to release you.”

Li Chao laughed. “I’m afraid that even if you want to release him, he wouldn’t dare to go out.”

Director General Huang frowned. “What is going on?”

“This one’s a long story. Mr. Fang from Yanjing interrogated him, and discovered a big problem. So now the Yanjing General headquarters have taken over this case and I’m only responsible for detaining him here. I even feel frightened to hear all the things he confessed to.”

Director General Huang: “How serious?”

Li Chao let out a bitter laugh. “To an extent that I shouldn’t have heard it, but unfortunately, I was there and I am now afraid that the top superiors will find me and talk to me about my life or something.”

What Liu Xianming had confessed was not something Li Chao could listen to at his level, but he heard it all. It was because of Xu Cheng that the Dragon Division hadn’t approached him to discuss this level of confidential matters; but Li Chao didn’t know all of this so he was still afraid that someone was going to find him and talk to him.

Director General Huang wondered, “You can’t even tell me? Then how am I going to explain to the provincial head?”

Li Chao shook his head with a bitter smile. “It’s better if you don’t know. The provincial police department probably won’t even be able to handle this.”

Director General Huang instantly understood. He had reached the time of retirement, and he did not want to put himself in this mess at this juncture in time. However, it seemed like that it would be difficult for him to retire peacefully now. This case was simply a hot potato.

“Hey man, could you not reveal just a little information?”

Li Chao came up to his ear and said, “You could tell them that the state has intervened, and this case has been sealed as the nation-level confidential document.”

Director General Huang’s pupils instantly constricted!

The words ‘red-state document’ was enough.

He patted Li Chao’s shoulder and smiled thoughtfully as he said, “No wonder your attitude was quite tough this time… it’s because there’s someone behind you, huh?”

He gave Li Chao a high evaluation in his mind.

“No way, I was just following the orders. Besides, this case really should not be out together with the city projects, that makes us too passive.”

The superior glared at him and advised, “Don’t let others hear what you said, that’s not something you have control of. Take care of your prisoner.”

Having said that he turned around and walked away.

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