Chapter 758: Luring the snake out of the hole (Part One)

– Xu Cheng’s Villa in Shangcheng –

 Xu Cheng was smoking a cigarette with his hands resting on the patio fence.

Bei Shan came over and glanced at the villa next door as he teased him, “This is the first time your plan didn’t work out. Didn’t think that your wife would stay with her love rivals and not come back to live here, eh?” 

“Staying there is better for her, at least her girlfriends can take care of her,” Xu Cheng said as he realized something and turned his head to look at Bei Shan, “What do you mean by love rivals?”

Bei Shan said, “Do you think the Dragon Division sits around and does nothing? Can’t you see that those two ladies are interested in you? Especially Shen Yao, I can guarantee that she absolutely likes you; what does that make her if not a love rival? Your wife is really generous; I don’t believe that she can’t see that Shen Yao is interested in you, and she even sent her to see the fake you.”

Xu Cheng said, “And that’s why you’re single, because you really don’t have a high EQ. My wife knows this, so it’s only appropriate to ask her for help. Because she feels that way, she will take the request as her own mission, and instead of going abroad to see me on my wife’s behalf, she was there to see me herself.”

Bei Shan felt hurt as it was the first time someone directly told him that he had a low EQ.

Xu Cheng frowned. “Don’t you guys know too much?”

Bei Shan laughed bitterly, knowing that he was referring to them keeping an eye on Lin Chuxue and the people around her.

“How could we not? It was because of our inattention in the first place that your wife got injured and you almost killed me even if you were violating the rules. If we don’t be smarter about it, who knows what you’re going to do next time? Don’t blame us, we were forced. Now everyone knows that you are willing to do anything for your wife, so as long as we take care of her safety, you can do everything without fear.”

Xu Cheng was speechless.

Bei Shan took out a cigarette from his case and lit it, before asking, “How are you going to deal with this Hiroshi Shitsuno case?”

“I’ll play with it.” Xu Cheng said, “I’ll play a game with them myself. You don’t need to interfere in this matter. Since the large consortiums in the dark have been playing dirty, then I’ll also play dirty with them. You guys intervening will only complicate things and bring it to a national level, then there would be all sorts of diplomacy involved and we still won’t get to the back-end players. So I’ll deal with them personally. The first time I set foot in that country, I destroyed a consortium. This time, whichever level of power I find, I’ll destroy it!”

Bei Shan coughed. “Will this incident be too big?”

“You think I’ll be interested if it wasn’t this big?” Xu Cheng sneered. “You just need to be responsible for protecting my wife. This time, I will take revenge from the entire Capital Society, and there’s no need for the Dragon Division to get involved.”

Bei Shan: “What if you fail?”

Xu Cheng: “My disciple will tell my wife that I am dead, so that she will never have to worry about anything again. If the Dragon Division thinks they owe me something, then I just hope you can protect my wife’s safety and not let her get hurt ever again. Of course, if I’m not dead, then I’ll protect her myself.”

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