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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 760.1

Chapter 760: Muddling the Water to Kill Them Easily (Part One)

The man in black was none other than Xu Cheng.

His play had officially begun.

After he swam ashore from the river, he ran to a car where a sniper rifle had been prepared inside!

After he took a look at it, he quickly drove the car onto the highway.

Hiroshi Shitsuno’s injury was very serious and he could not afford to delay the treatment, so he must be on his way to the hospital for blood transfusion.

Therefore, he had to drive through the highway.

Xu Cheng had rehearsed the route from the only highway opening beside where his yacht docked.

He parked his car at the side of the highway and got off, jumping outside of the railing. He set up the sniper rifle at the bridge pier and aimed at the only intersection where Hiroshi Shitsuno could get onto the highway from.

He was picked up by the bodyguards and carried into the car as they drove towards the hospital.

Their car had just started when the window glass suddenly shattered and the driver in the driver’s seat was shot through the chest and died on the spot!

Hiroshi Shitsuno, who was still conscious, was frightened as his face changed.

“Watanabe, drive!” Hiroshi Shitsuno yelled at his confidant.

Watanabe hurriedly jumped onto the driver’s seat and quickly drove onto the highway.

In the process, Xu Cheng deliberately shot the bullets on the side of the car and the glass windows.

That was enough.

After Hiroshi Shitsuno’s car avoided this wave of assassination attempts, he knew who was targeting him.

His confidant Watanabe hesitated and said, “Boss, someone doesn’t want you to get back alive to be the seventh-generation president!”

Hiroshi Shitsuno leaned on the back seat with a pale serious face.

After a long while, he decided and said, “Don’t go to the hospital. Someone doesn’t want me back alive and we can’t trust anyone right now. We can only save ourselves. Just wait until I head back to the country; I’ll show them what I’ve got.”

He knew very well that this was an internal competition among the Sanko Group!

One of the three leaders did not want him to return home alive, or maybe two of them.

The confidant nodded as he turned around, got off the highway, and drove into the city.

At a certain intersection, Xu Cheng’s vehicle drove parallel to them.

Hiroshi Shitsuno knew very well that with the support from the Capital Society, if he was able to return home with honor then he would definitely be a strong candidate for the next president.

Hiroshi Shitsuno was very frustrated and angry as he took out his phone and made a long-distance call.

Once the call went through, he said angrily, “Mr. Okami, I am in a bit of trouble, and I think that since you have asked me to do such an important thing, you should be responsible for me to finish it without any distractions, right?”

After this name came out of Hiroshi Shitsuno’s mouth, Xu Cheng’s eyes narrowed.


The Lord of Asia!

Okami asked curiously from the other end of the phone, “What do you mean?”

“Just now, I almost died. The mission you entrusted to me has not been completed, but people from Sanko want me to die! I was lucky to be able to escape, but they will still try to kill me in Huaxia!”

Okami: “How do you know it was your guys who did it?”

Hiroshi Shitsuno: “I am familiar with the tattoos of that group, and I saw the tattoos inside the assassin’s coat when he tried to kill me; he was definitely a member of the group! Okami-san, I need you to find a way to get me back to my country, and I must deal with this matter first. Otherwise I can’t stay here properly.”

Okami: “That’s fine. Since the police are watching you tightly as well, you can’t easily advance with what you’re doing. Come back first and I’ll arrange for you to return to the country in secret. Deal with your internal affairs and give me a call if you need anything, I will make sure you have no worries behind your back.”

It wouldn’t be hard for the Capital Society to handle the Sanko Group, but the key was finding out who wanted to assassinate Hiroshi Shitsuno, and he could only do that by himself.

“Many thanks,” Hiroshi Shitsuno said.

Xu Cheng was still driving the car, and Watanabe started to notice him. The glass window was tinted, but Xu Cheng still stepped on the gas pedal and passed their car.

He then picked up the phone and called Bei Shan, “Help me keep an eye on him. He’s going to return to the Wei Nation in a few days. The plan went very smoothly and I heard a new name. I don’t know who it is but I’ll head to the Black market to find out.”

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      Hi there, sorry about that. This is the right chapter but I missed the last couple paragraphs for the previous chapter. The missing bit has been fixed now 😀

  2. Reader

    I feel like a chapter or 2 was skipped…
    How did Hiroshi Shitsuno get injured???
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