Chapter 761: I want to kill someone (Part One)

After Xu Cheng left, Solo scratched his head that was covered in cold sweat.

This was the third time in his life that he was threatened like this. The king of assassins had always been an intimidating figure, but now someone came knocking on his door and he couldn’t do anything about him.

What was wrong with this world?

An SS level expert had been found so easily and was forced to do whatever he was told.

Solo felt that it was the end of his king of assassins’ legend, and he was afraid that if he continued, then it was a matter of time before he lost his head.

“I’m getting old.” He sighed as he lit a cigarette, feeling lost for his future.

Hiroshi Shitsuno didn’t have the energy to deal with what was happening in Huaxia anymore; he needed to go back to the Miguchi Group and immediately resolve that matter, or else he might be involved in an ‘accident’ at any time.

HIs confidant looked at him in the airport and asked, “Boss, don’t you suspect Mr. Okami?”

“I can’t rule out the possibility that they want to get rid of me because I wasn’t doing a great job. But now, things are not heading in the wrong direction, so it’s not Okami who’s trying to get rid of me. I think the other two Miguchi heads are more suspicious! Of course, only Okami knows that I’m returning to the country, so if something happens to me during the trip, then it’s undoubtedly Okami behind all this.”

Meanwhile, Xu Cheng was also lining up to head to the Wei Nation with his mask on.

After Okami and his men went through the security check, it was Xu Cheng’s turn, and the Wei Nation customs looked at Xu Cheng and said, “Please take off your mask.”

Xu Cheng simply took off his mask, revealing his horrifying face. The officer asked him, “What’s the purpose of this trip?”

His identity had changed.

Xu Cheng said, “You see how I look; I want to go and fix it up. The plastic surgery in Huaxia is not advanced enough and there’s not enough privacy.”

The two officers looked at each other and stamped the approval, allowing Xu Cheng to fly to the Wei Nation.

Xu Cheng quickly put on the mask again and walked through the security check. He pretended to pass by Hiroshi Shitsuno in the waiting lounge and dropped a small chip, which was both a wiretap and tracker, into his bag.

The two boarded the plane together and got off together. Xu Cheng didn’t rush to follow Hiroshi Shitsuno, because the more he followed him at this time, the more likely he would be discovered since Hiroshi Shitsuno was in a very tense mental state.

Xu Cheng looked at the tracker moving on his cellphone and found that everywhere Hiroshi Shitsuno was heading was inside the country.

As long as Hiroshi Shitsuno stayed at the same spot for more than five minutes, then Xu Cheng would record this coordinate and location down.

When Matsushima Raiko got into her car to head home after work, she lifted her rear view mirror to fix her makeup and saw someone lying on the seats behind her.

A man wearing a mask.

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