Chapter 762: Shed all pretense of cordiality (Part One)

Okami was polishing his treasured katana. His withered body was a bit hunched, and his loose eyelids twitched slightly when he heard the butler’s report.

“Interesting, back in the eighties, many people had tried to assassinate me and failed, losing their own lives instead. Now, there are still people who want to target me.”

The butler smiled faintly. “How should I proceed with it?”

Okami said carelessly, “Take them out, no need to report to me later.”

The butler nodded, turned around, and walked away.

Meanwhile in Kobe, the Wei Nation.

Hiroshi Shitsuno suddenly appeared in the conference room of the Sanko Group headquarters.

The core members inside were surprised at his sudden appearance.

The two heads of the group were sitting in the middle with the core members to the side, they were all wearing kimonos with tattoos on their exposed skin.

When they saw Hiroshi Shitsuno enter, the two heads were surprised then asked curiously, “Leader Shitsuno, weren’t you in Huaxia?”

“Surprised?” Shitsuno looked at the two, trying to see something from their eyes.

The two of them noticed that Shitsuno didn’t seem to be in a good mood and asked with curiosity, “What’s wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with me?” Hiroshi Shitsuno thought that these two must’ve not thought he had figured out that there were insiders screwing around with him. He looked at his competitors and pointed to his head and said, “Someone wanted me to die in Huaxia so they can become the next successor themselves! You two have the guts to do it, but not the guts to admit it?”

The other two of them were shocked. “What the hell are you talking about? Are you drunk?”

“Stop pretending!” Hiroshi Shitsuno suddenly slapped the table with both hands and said in a deep voice, “Do you guys think it’s a surprise that I’m here? Do you think that I shouldn’t be here?”

Having said that, he pulled down his collar, revealing a large wound, and looked at the other members of the hall as he said loudly, “Look, if this was a centimeter closer to my trachea, I’m afraid I would’ve already lost my life in Huaxia. I’m not afraid of death, but I can’t stand if it is by the hands of my own people. Whichever one of you who doesn’t like me, stand up now and let’s finish this farce by our bushido code! Don’t make moves behind someone’s back because that’s an insult to our samurai ancestors!”

The other two heads knew that he was referring to them, but they didn’t do anything. They couldn’t stand being scolded for something they didn’t do.

“Leader Shitsuno, please pay attention to what you are saying. If something happened, just say the names, but don’t insinuate!”

“I’m waiting for you guys to confess!” Hiroshi Shitsuno said in a deep voice, “Whoever did it knows it in their heart. Do you dare to come forward? We don’t need to involve the other members, just the two of us! Like the old days, whoever loses… harakiri!”

One of them said quietly, “Did you misunderstand something? You were in Huaxia and we’re back here. What could we have done?”

Hiroshi Shitsuno looked at them and said grimly, “We are all smart people, we don’t need to hide from each other what we want and need.”

He turned his head and looked at the other group leader who had a violent temper and questioned, “Leader Muranaka, I haven’t said who it is yet, what are you excited about? Or are you afraid?”

“Leader Shitsuno, we’re on the same level and you haven’t become the seventh-generation successor yet. Please don’t talk to me like you’re any superior to me. If I’m afraid of you, then I shouldn’t be part of the Sanko Group!”

“Are you speaking with confidence because you think I don’t qualify to become the successor?” Hiroshi Shitsuno lowered his voice. “Or is it that you don’t want me to become the successor?”

Muranaka confronted him. “Are you going to openly engage in this internal conflict in front of this many brothers? Do you know the consequences?”

At the same time, Matsushima Raiko rented a cab after dropping Xu Cheng off at the Sanko gates. Xu Cheng said to her, “Don’t go too far, I’ll be out soon.”

Matsushima Raiko nodded and looked at the engraved title on the gate as she gulped. She looked a bit nervous as it was different from the Shanling Family last time; this was one known violent mafia group in the world. One mistake could mean death!

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