Chapter 763: The arrows on the bowstring (Part One)

As soon as Muranaka hung up the phone, he immediately asked his subordinates from other places outside to support him.

Not only them, but also from other areas, a massive number of Sanko members headed toward the headquarters.

Kameyo, one of the three leaders, called his subordinates and said, “Block the main gate of the headquarters and forbid anyone from coming in! Especially the members of Hiroshi Shitsuno’s group.”

As soon as the others heard this, they understood that this internal war had escalated.

Hiroshi Shitsuno made his call, and his people approached the headquarters from all directions on a scale of thousands of people.

This was not much different from a mass protest, but the civilians all got out of their way, seeing how they looked with their tattoos.

Less than two kilometers away from the Sanko headquarters, there was a police station.

They received a phone call.

Everyone in the police station was startled.

Every officer was afraid to head out and suppress the situation when they heard that guns were involved and that multiple members had already been killed; it was basically asking for death if they went.

However, the top brass gave them strict orders, and the police department could only grit their teeth as they went.

But they were also very smart, they blocked the road around the Sanko Headquarters and didn’t let anyone enter, so no matter what happened inside, the situation would not be broadcasted by the media.

The police department boss called the three heads directly.

Hiroshi Shitsuno was busy and didn’t pick up.

Muranaka was also unavailable as he was watching Hiroshi Shitsuno’s every move to prevent him from escaping from the headquarters.

When Kameyo’s call went through, the head of the police station scolded, “Idiot! What the hell are you doing? This is Kobe City, and your headquarters is right next door to us. Do you know what your gun fight is causing? Stop it now, or I’ll have to file a police request!”

Kameyo laughed bitterly. “Give us twenty minutes, twenty minutes will be enough. It’s impossible for us to stop now, but I’ll give you a report once it’s over. We didn’t want to start this, and we were very passive in this matter. You can come in twenty minutes, and we will definitely cooperate with you!”

What else could the police department do? They had said it was impossible to stop now, and it would definitely backfire if they tried to intervene now, potentially even causing bigger chaos.

“Good, I will blockade the perimeter of the situation. I hope you solve it as soon as possible.”

Hiroshi Shitsuno’s supporters had rushed over carrying weapons in their hands.

It wasn’t just Hiroshi Shitsuno’s supporters, but also Kameyo’s.

Kameyo’s subordinates directly surrounded the large courtyard and denied Hiroshi Shitsuno’s supporters entry.

“Get out of the way,” the bald man who was third-in-command of Hiroshi Shitsuno’s supporters said angrily at Kameyo’s people.

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