Chapter 764: Okami’s coordinates exposed (Part One)

Hiroshi Shitsuno’s supporters rushed to the headquarters, but part of Muranaka and Kameyo’s supporters were blocked from the inside as well. Once the Hiroshi Shitsuno supporters rushed in, these people would block them from going inside.

They knew that as long as Hiroshi Shitsuno died, this group of supporters would be without a leader, and they certainly wouldn’t want to die. So, with a little suppression and a little advantage, it wouldn’t be hard to find someone to take lead. However, if Hiroshi Shitsuno does not die, then it means that they’re supporting the future successor, and they knew that their blood and sweat shed today would be their rewards in the near future if they won. So, compared to Muranaka and Kameyo’s supporters, Hiroshi Shitsuno’s side was way more high-spirited.

For them, supporting Hiroshi Shitsuno was like supporting the rightful successor, and they saw the other two heads like rebels, so they all carried very strong emotions and were very high-spirited to win this war.

However, it was difficult to gather all of Hiroshi Shitsuno’s supporters in such a short period of time, and only a thousand or so people were able to come, unable to have an advantage against both the Muranaka and Kameyo supporters. They were at a disadvantage, so that no matter how hard they fought, it was difficult to kill a way out.

Hiroshi Shitsuno knew this very well, and five minutes had passed already, he knew that they’d be here a long time ago if they were able to rush in, which also meant that the other two heads must accomplish something today.

He shouted at Muranaka, who was closing in on him, “Do you think my brothers will serve you if you killed me up like this?”

Muranaka was also not in a good condition, his hair was messy, and his necktie was ripped off. Since Hiroshi Shitsuno was hiding in the warehouse with windows open and the curtains as a cover, they couldn’t see what was going on inside the warehouse, but Hiroshi Shitsuno could see them. If they rushed over without any plans, then they would die from the attacks from the window, so he also hid in a secret place waiting for his brothers to make the attack first.

When he heard Hiroshi Shitsuno’s voice, he laughed coldly, “What can I do? Do you think I have a way out? If you don’t die here today, I’ll die in the future. With your ruthlessness, you won’t let me go, even if my brothers speak out for me. With your position then, you can say whatever you want, but I can’t, and I won’t have a spot in the Miguchi group even if my brothers protect me! So if I don’t succeed today, then I will die! Even if I wanted to stop now, I’m afraid Kameyo would refuse. You wouldn’t never allow us two to be in a good relationship once you become the successor, because that would alert you and we won’t be able to work together. Although Kameyo dislikes trouble, he wouldn’t give up halfway if it started, and this is where his ruthlessness comes from. So you must die here today!”

Hiroshi Shitsuno laughed out miserably, “I should have kept my eyes open at first. I was wondering how come the two of you allowed me to go to Huaxia so easily. You wanted to kill me while I was out there so I don’t become the successor, eh? But you didn’t think I’d live this long, did you?”

Muranaka: “I know you’re trying to stall for time, you think I don’t know you? Once word gets out about this place, the big supporters behind you would know the news, and then they can manipulate the army to come and intervene.”

Hiroshi Shitsuno narrowed his eyes.

Muranaka said smugly, “But did you know, the nearby police station is friends with us? They have set up blockades two kilometers away from here to stop the media from coming in so we have more time to deal with our internal conflict. The current scale of this feud has reached more than three thousand people, and for the outlook of the city, they wouldn’t allow things to get more chaotic. Instead of sending troops to suppress us, they rather want us to resolve this internally so there’s less public attention. You should know that point, right?”

The anger in Hiroshi Shitsuno’s eyes burned. He raised his pistol to the window, aimed at Muranaka’s hiding corner, and shot continuously as he yelled, “Damn you!”

His arm was out of the window, and those hiding beneath the window quickly aimed, hitting Hiroshi Shitsuno’s arm and causing him to drop his pistol.

He rolled over and crouched at the corner.


The others came over to stop the bleeding.

Hiroshi Shitsuno didn’t want to lose.

That was when a guy in a cloak rushed and put down Muranaka’s supporters outside the warehouse.

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