Chapter 767: Provocation (Part One)

Okami was afraid that what he said wasn’t enough, so he continued, “Think about it, when the time comes, the law can’t even sanction you, because we are the ones who are above the law. I can get a spot for you in this game. Let me go, and you can play with us.”

“Playing games, right? I like to play games too,” Xu Cheng said.

Okami smiled faintly. “Then what are you waiting for? With your strength, I can totally introduce you to the Capital Society.”

“No, the game I want to play right now is called ‘Overthrowing the Capital Society’!” Xu Cheng replied with a smile as he took off his hat.

Okami was surprised and startled when he saw how pale Xu Cheng was.

Xu Cheng said, “I’m a victim in this so-called game of yours. Don’t you guys like to play games? I’ll play with you! If you call yourselves the players, then I’ll be the NPC. Let’s see who wins.”

Okami: “Who the hell are you?”

Xu Cheng: “I have my position and background, and I can tell you that I come from the Deviant Mercenary Corp. I’m Xu Cheng, who you guys wanted to get rid of!”

Okami’s face changed instantly, “You’re not dead?”

“Yes, I’m alive so it’s your turn to die!” Xu Cheng said, “I will also play a game starting with the Asian division. I’ll kill whoever reaches out their hand to Huaxia; you’re the first one so you must die! You might be the first one, but you won’t be the last! Don’t you like to have people join you with pride? So many companies in Shangcheng are fighting for a spot to get in and cooperate with the Capital Society. Well then, I’ll get rid of whoever tries to join, so let’s see who dares to join again! Starting with you.”

Okami looked serious as he thought that begging for mercy wouldn’t even dispel the hatred in Xu Cheng’s heart so he said, “Killing me won’t solve any problem. Even if a Continental Lord dies, someone else will step up and take control. The goal of the Capital Society to take control of this world will not change! There won’t be any less capital, because as long as our assets and operating funds keep growing, even if the rulers change, the rules would still revolve around us. If you really have what it takes, then you should put your focus on the funds! Believe it or not, if our chain of assets collapses, the global economy will be set back ten years! If you do that, you will be preventing social progress and will become a sinner. You wouldn’t be no different from being an enemy to the world’s wealthiest groups! Do you still not understand? The Capital Society simply can not collapse! If it collapses, no one will know what will happen in the fall out!”

Xu Cheng pondered and did not speak.

Okami was right. If he extinguished the Capital Society, the chain reaction would influence the whole world! By then, he would be an enemy to the entire capital class, and he would have no one behind him to support him.

Xu Cheng seemed to understand why Huaxia chose to develop in silence and didn’t want to break any boundaries. Destroying this organization would do more harm than good.

But Xu Cheng felt disgusted!

This was the f*cking sadness for the normal people?

How come they could sacrifice themselves for the sake of the country? How come the Capital Society profits from creating wars? How come when the victims wanted to resist, they would be morally kidnapped from doing so and convince them that a little nobody like them has to sacrifice for the greater good!

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