Chapter 768: Declaration of War (Part One)

It had only been a year since the Wei Nation’s recession. The national scandals had yet to be forgotten when the godfather of the commerce world died, and his brutal death put the Wei Nation into the world’s spotlight once again.

The Wei Nation Prime Minister had been frustrated for a few days straight, with all the headlines filled with bad news.

A godfather level individual to the Wei Nation economy had been assassinated in his own home, which was even located in the capital! It has been three days, yet the police still had no clue who did it, leaving the murderer wandering free.

Under pressure, the police posted a reward of fifty million dollars for anyone who knew the murderer, indicating how influential this matter was.

On top of this, the Wei Nation was put into exposure again.

The previous incident of the Sanko Group’s internal conflict finally broke out when Hiroshi Shitsuno’s dead body was found hanging from the street lamp in front of the Sanko Group Headquarters.

This could have been suppressed, but when Okami’s confidant killed Muranaka’s confidant, causing them to think it was revenge, this situation that originally could have been eased by the police, escalated. The police started to suppress Hiroshi Shitsuno’s side to turn in the culprit.

But they didn’t actually do anything, so how could they turn anyone in?

That was when Hiroshi Shitsuno’s dead body appeared in such a humiliating way, infuriating all of Hiroshi Shitsuno’s former followers.

Their boss was humiliated to this extent and if they continued to be rats on the streets, then they’d be real losers.

Therefore, the largest armed fight in the history of the Wei Nation took place, where all the four to five thousand supporters of Hiroshi Shitsuno gathered at the headquarters and went to war with the Muranaka and Kameyo supporters.

Kameyo and Muranaka were in the process of dividing up their gains and were caught off guard when it happened.

The Wei Nation was one again in the world’s spotlight within less than a week.

The Prime Minister had been scolding the police department everyday, and although they’ve tried to control the Sanko group, they failed to suppress them. Even the Sumiyoshi group and the other known group which made up the three violent mafias of the Wei Nation were trying to take a shot at getting Sanko’s resources. They wanted to end the Sanko Group since there probably wouldn’t be another chance if they missed this one.

Therefore, everything just became messier when they tried to resolve it.

The whole city of Kobe was in a state of turmoil, where violent mafias had plunged the whole city into chaos. Not just Kobe, but wherever Sanko members were in the Wei Nation, there would be an outbreak when they encountered each other, endangering all the citizens in the Wei Nation.

The police chief resigned directly, giving authority to the M Nation stationed troops to handle this matter, but because of their intense methods, it also resulted in public riots.

The whole chain of events brought down the image of the Wei Nation, and the Prime Minister was directly fired.

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