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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 769.1

Chapter 769: The game begins (Part One)

– At the round table meeting –

After Oldman Rothschild appeased the other lords, he took out some photos, all of which were of important members of the Wei Nation consortiums.

They were not as prestigious and famous as Okami, but any one of them was a tycoon level figure.

“Now the key is to stabilize the problems caused by the absence of the Lord of Asia; Okami was managing several on-going projects before he died, and they can not be terminated. Those projects involve tens of billions of dollars, so we need to find a new Lord of Asia to quickly take over and stop the loss. Most importantly, without the Lord of Asia, some members in the Asian division wouldn’t know who to follow. Everyone take a look here. This is a list of qualified candidates selected by the council, and we’ll make a final decision after some discussion.”

The six Lords looked at the three candidates.

Mitsui Okami’s eldest son, who was quite young as he was only in his forties, had earned over tens of billions of dollars for the consortium since his start-up.

The current leader of the Sumitomo Corporation was also a strong candidate; he was from the same era as Okami and was a legend himself. He was just not as outstanding as Okami, but he was advantageous in his background.

Another one was from the Malaysian royal family who also had a high reputation.

“These three are all suitable, which should we choose?”

“The royal family wasn’t strong enough in their history. Although it is true that it’s not right to always let the Wei Nation take control, their economic system is complete and we need to give them a seat. Or else it would be a loss to the Capital Society if we don’t manage to hold a position in one of the developed countries. The level of the Wei Nation’s technology has always been something the continents want to take advantage of, so I think that we should just consider the two candidates from the Wei Nation.”

Oldman Rothschild nodded. “Indeed, the resources that the royal family can offer for other members in the Capital Society is too little. That needs to be strengthened.”

“Then, to avoid close relatives, I choose the leader from the Sumitomo Corporation.”

“I agree.”

“No objections here. The Sumitomo family head is highly respected and indeed has a strong background. With him as the Lord, he can well convince the public.”

Oldman Rothschild: “Then it is him, and if there isn’t an objection, we can give him the appointment. Tell the council members to draft up the letter.”

After the appointment ceremony, the Sumitomo family celebrated the joy.

Everyone congratulated the head of the family as if he had won the lottery.

With this title, more would be willing to cooperate with them and as long as it brings profit for the Capital Society, they didn’t care who they worked with.

The other companies and tycoons all congratulated the Sumitomo Family when they heard the news.

The Sumitomo side then decided to hold a dinner party to accept all the congratulations.

Meanwhile, within Matsushima Raiko’s mansion when she returned home after work, she said to Xu Cheng, “I heard that the next Lord Asia has been appointed, and it’s the head of the Sumitomo Corporation.”

Xu Cheng smoked a cigarette as he nodded, and he put out the cigarette as he said to her, “I need his information.”

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