Chapter 770: Next target (Part One)

The party was attended by the rich and famous, so no matter how much the police wanted to keep quiet about this, the word spread.

After the tragic death of Okami, who was the godfather of the business world, the head of the Sumitomo Corporation died suddenly at his own party from a lightning bolt.

According to the witnesses, the murder was more blatant this time, and the video also got released.

With the exposure of this video, the Deviant Corp came into the public’s view, but no one knew for sure what kind of organization it was.

However, the Capital Society also surfaced with the release of the video.

It was obvious since the person in the video said that this was targeted at the Capital Society, and that it was a head-to-head battle between the two organizations.

The Wei Nation members of the Capital Society had been putting pressure on the Wei Nation police department.

The new police chief looked at the former chief, who had been put under surveillance to cooperate with this case, and let out a bitter smile.

He could feel the same pain and pressure as the previous chief. His subordinates had made no gains from the security check, and there were only few clues that were worth investigating.

One of them was the fingerprints left on Okami’s dead body, which was identical to the fingerprints left on Kubo Mitsubishi’s dead body back then, both belonging to cats.

It seemed like another paranormal incident, and the Wei Nation was keen on the presence of mysterious beings. When Kubo Mitsubishi died in the hotel with a distorted figure devoutly kneeling to pray at something, and without much evidence, the case remained unsolved and was left as a paranormal event.

They did not expect this fingerprint and the brutal death to reappear today!

And this time, they knew the name of the organization: the Deviant Corp.

The autopsy report for Sumitomo came out, and he was indeed killed by high-voltage electrical currents. Police officers and detectives went to the scene and simulated the event; although it was an open party outside, there were no thunderclouds so there shouldn’t have been lightning.

According to the hotel’s electricity equipment at the time, it wouldn’t have generated high-voltage electrical conduction, and yet the autopsy report stated that he died from electrical shock.

This method of death was simply unbelievable.

Some immediately felt that this was not caused by any human, but he had died from a heavenly decree!

For a while, folks questioned what the Okami and Sumitomo family heads had done to make God punish them like this.

Others wondered what kind of existence this Capital Society was and why it had attracted such enmity.

The Police Department approached the descendants of the Okami and Sumitomo family to further investigate.

Both groups slapped on the table and cursed, “Bullsh*t God’s punishment, this is clearly murder.”

The police officer waved his hand. “Well take it easy. If it’s indeed a murder, then let us run through the causes; it’s clearly revenge. So let me ask, what exactly is the Capital Society? Your fathers obviously had something to do with this organization to be retaliated against, so please tell us what you know.”

Both of them were at a loss for words.

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