Chapter 771: Hello everyone, I am a member of the Deviant Corps (Part One)

– The Land of Mercenaries –

Kush saw on the international news that another tycoon had died in the Wei Nation.

He smiled and asked Mr. R behind him, “Is that the new Lord?”

The Knight didn’t say anything.

But Kush had already guessed based on his expression as he said with a smile on his face, “If you guys don’t play your hidden card, then you won’t be able to fight against the Deviant Corps. Keep staying passive and waiting for more people to die.”

He turned around and asked his assistant, who was an old acquaintance named Benjamin from the Deviant Corps.

He stayed with Kush to let Kush know his importance to the Deviant Corps, and as a gesture to show Xu Cheng’s sincerity.

However, the knight who had been watching Kush didn’t know that Benjamin was a member of the Deviant Corps.

In fact, Benjamin was also the middle person linking Kush to the Deviant Corps.

“What do you think?” Kush asked Benjamin curiously in a casual manner.

Benjamin said, “According to my professional point of view, there is a group of very powerful hackers behind the Deviant Corps responsible for controlling the media. As for the assassination through electrocution, it was quite unbelievable.”

He was telling Kush that their team was very powerful.

That was when the knight coldly snorted, “It’s just a bluff. They probably used various techniques to achieve this so-called coincidence to make people think that God is punishing us. I’ve fought the Deviant Corps before; they are a bunch of weaklings. If they dare to appear in front of me again, I’ll defeat them within ten moves!”

Back then, he had beaten Mario and Chekhov, and they were simply not strong enough for him.

Of course, that Mario guy did impress him, but it didn’t make him think much further.

Kush: “Then why don’t you go over there?”

The knight was about to say that the other knights had already gone.

But then he soon realized something and said, “Trying to set me up? Hmph, this time your people will die!”

The headquarters had sent two of the twelve knights to protect the new Lord, Kazuo Mitsui.

Kazuo Mitsui only dared to accept his appointment when he met with the two, and he intended to take the opportunity during his father’s funeral to calm the rest of the members.

In order to attract the Deviant Corps, Kazuo Mitsui decided to hold a media conference where he would announce his official crusade against the Deviant Corps and pursue after the killer.

This conference caught the media’s attention, and the police were also very careful with it. They checked everyone’s identity and set up a safe distance between the podium and the seats. They even invited Interpol to join in, setting up traps all over the conference room.

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