Chapter 772: Congratulations, you’ve won the lottery (Part One)

The police chief’s pupils dilated and he said, “Oh no! He’s in the control room!”

Having said that, he quickly ran towards the other building where they had a temporary setup.

Not only him, but all the guards rushed there as well with widened eyes.

“You guys follow me, and the others stay behind to protect Mr. Mitsui,” the Chief ordered the guards as he ran towards the outside.

“Chief, you must go to the scene now to maintain order while we make the arrest.”

The Chief knew that there were many international media outlets present at the event and he quickly nodded. “Go quickly then.”

With that, he ran back to the conference room where all the fuss was, and he saw Kazuo Mitsui frozen on the stage looking lost. He quickly ran up, grabbed the microphone, and said to those media outlets, “Everyone don’t panic. We have tracked down the location of the murderer. This time, our police took the initiative, so believe us when we say that we will not let you down! The press conference will continue normally. We have defenses deployed inside and out, so the murderer simply cannot get in. Therefore he’s taking an approach to show up, so please nobody panic.”

However, Xu Cheng continued to speak, “We from the Deviant Corps are not terrorists, we were once victims of this so-called Capital Society. They are very powerful, so powerful that many people have no way to resist themselves, but we are different; we’ll get even with whoever wrongs us! I keep my words, and that the next one who will die is you Mr. Mitsui. Congratulations, you’ve won the lottery!”

Kazuo Mitsui’s face changed when he heard Xu Cheng’s words!

The police chief came to his side and said, “Mr. Mitsui, don’t listen to him, he showed up backstage and our men surrounded the whole building. He can’t get away!”

Only then did Kazuo Mitsui regain a little bit of blood on his face and nodded his head.

Meanwhile, the building next door was surrounded by hundreds of undercover agents and police in uniform.

Helicopters were even hovering in the sky to prevent his escape upwards.

The underground parking lot was also blocked, and guards were set up at elevators and every exit. The six teams were responsible for six floors to slowly perform a carpet-style search towards the backstage.

However, nobody noticed Xu Cheng as he was invisible when he brushed past them.

He did not startle these guards, and when he left the building, the guards were still on their way backstage to the control room.

All of the six teams surrounded the control room.

Everyone was using hand signs to communicate with sweat dripping down their foreheads, thinking that they were dealing with a terrorist and were very cautious.

Their colleagues outside reported, “Everything is normal outside. No one has come out, the killer should still be inside. Countdown to five seconds and prepare to rush in to seize him!”

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