Chapter 773: Touched boundaries (Part One)

The new police chief quickly regained his thoughts, and he knew that only he could save himself at the moment, so he immediately picked up the intercom and yelled at the control room, “Turn on the defense system.”

It was chaos, and almost every reporter who came to the scene rushed towards the outside in panic.

Meanwhile, the control room replied, “Chief, it’s hard for the computer to receive feedback with this many people rushing out at once!”

The Chief was shocked for a moment and shouted at the people on the scene, “Everyone don’t panic! Don’t rush to get out!”

Who wouldn’t be panicking? Two security guards were knocked flying into the walls, and nobody knew if they were unconscious or dead. The man who was giving a speech just now didn’t have a head anymore, and blood covered the stairs. It was simply a horror movie that came true, so how could they not be panicking?

They ignored the guards and rushed outside, and as they were running, Xu Cheng had quietly joined them and got out.

It was indeed difficult for the control room’s side to receive feedback from all the people rushing out, and only the first few ones got scanned, they could not capture a lot of people’s ID including Xu Cheng’s.

The Prime Minister’s residence.

The fifty-year-old Prime Minister watched the news as his hand trembled.

He knew that his political career might be coming to an end.

Meanwhile, the new MP faced the media and said righteously, “If I become the prime minister, I can find out what’s going on here.”

He was canvassing for himself because not just him, but other MPs have jumped in to express their views and to appease the public.

The live broadcast of Kazuo Mitsui’s severed head shocked the entire Wei Nation!

It was hard for anyone to believe that this was not the wrath of God by that point.

The public was in a heated discussion about what these people had done to die in such a way.

The police chief was called to the Prime Minister’s residence, and the Prime Minister just sat there without saying a word.

“What do you think about this?” The Prime Minister finally asked, rubbing his temples as he expressed his exhaustion. “This is the third influential figure in the business world that got assassinated in the Wei Nation. Every one of them was a representative of the country, and three died during my term! Everyone now knows that the Wei Nation security and defense is useless; our image has fallen.”

The police chief clenched his fists. “Whether it’s a supernatural event or not, I think we must continue the investigation. We still have hope, and I know that there’s one important thread in this we could follow, as long as we decide to pull on it. It’s not impossible to stop this and prevent further attacks. We need to have a list of the Capital Society members in Wei Nation and provide them specific protection or ask them to resign. This is a war between the two organizations, we can’t find the Deviant Corps but we know who’s related to the Capital Society. For example, the Mitsui consortium should know something about this.”

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