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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 774.1

Chapter 774: Hitler was a man, but the Deviant is God (Part One)

– Huaxia –

Old Master Ye and the other four old masters were sitting in a courtyard drinking tea.

After making a move in their game of Go, Old Master Ye said, “Old Brother Zhang is ruthless enough to find such a disciple.”

Old Master Guo nodded as he was making tea. “Definitely. This little b-----d dared to play so big. Last time, the Wei Nation economy went down 20%, and this time, their government changed two Prime Ministers! And the most critical thing is that the plan of a certain organization fell through, and Hiroshi Shitsuno got tricked back to his country and died! It seems like their plan to gather the rich people in Huaxia have failed completely, and with more members of the Capital Society facing assassination threats, those who are tempted to join the club would have to think twice. This man would not do something for no reason; he thought it through very well and hit several birds with one stone.”

Old Master Xing frowned. “I’m just worried that he will not make it back this time, since the situation has already reached this level.”

Old Master Nie: “I think we should have the Dragon Division offer him some support, or else those Capitalists won’t let him come back alive.”

Old Master Ye: “Now he is the one in the dark, and it would only expose him if the Dragon Division intervenes. Let him be. He knows what he’s doing, and I trust that he will come back. Bei Shan said that he is very stingy, and whoever wants to stop him from taking revenge will be out of luck. We already owe him a lot for what happened with his mother and wife, it’s better that we don’t interfere with his revenge. He said to Bei Shan before he left that his only request is for us to protect his woman for him, so let’s just wait and see what happens.”

All of the elders nodded.

– Wei Nation –

On the balcony of a villa, as Matsushima Raiko stood there watching the TV and listening to the noise of the protest on the streets, she thought to herself.

What a terrifying man.

This man who created this situation today.

Matsushima Raiko previously thought that him killing the entire Shanling Group and breaking out the political scandal had generated enough fear among the public, but she didn’t think that this time he would bring the oppressive power of public opinion to the Wei Nation.

The political and business community, as well as the violent mafias that caused outbreaks of riots and protests.

Three major problems of this country all erupted at the same time.

All of the rich and powerful were frightened. No one dared to hold any banquets or parties, and more than half of them tried to go abroad to escape from the scene. The Prime Minister was scolded by the people and as well as oppressed by the consortiums. Matsushima Raiko had never seen a Prime Minister pushed to this extent.

Nor had she ever believed that all this came from the means of a single person.

Matsushima Raiko’s whole body shivered.

She gritted her teeth.

Then she thought how the man had rejected her and never looked her in the eye, and that gave her a sense of betrayal.

It was an extreme attitude where she rather he hated her than ignore her.

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