Chapter 780: Been a long time since I heard him brag (Part One)

Oldman Rothschild looked at the representative from the Wei Nation and sighed. “Then what is the attitude of the families of the deceased and the entire Wei Nation financial community towards the Capital Society?”

Speaking of this, the representative from the Wei Nation bowed to the six continental lords.

He took a breath and said, “On their behalf, I came over this time to formally withdraw from the Capital Society.”

All six lords’ eyelids twitched.

The Wei Nation had the third largest GDP in the world, and many advanced technologies, whether it was technology or industry. Their withdrawal was the same as cutting off an arm of the Capital Society.

More importantly, it would mean that the Capital Society’s control of the Asian market would be completely gone.

Oldman Rothschild wanted to convince them still. “Reconsider it, after all, if the Wei Nation wants to restore its financial status, it will need our help to quickly get back on track. Otherwise with this incident, it will take at least five years for you to get back on your feet.”

The representative let out a bitter smile. “This is the only way for the Wei Nation to save itself, we don’t dare to cause any more trouble. The culprit this time is still out there, and we intend to not let the capital society participate in the election and have the country truly vote for a prime minister. That is the only way we can calm our people, and this is a decision by both the capital and political parties. So, I’m sorry, but the Wei Nation officially withdraws from the Capital Society today.”

Having said that, the representative bowed again and submitted a written resignation stating that they did not want to be a player in this game and were withdrawing from the organization.

After he left the meeting room, the expressions of the six lords didn’t look so well, especially oldman Rothschild.

The Abu Dhabi consortium’s chief officer assistant knocked on the door as he bowed over and said, “The doctor said the young master’s limbs have been crippled and there’s no way to treat it. In addition, when he was boarding the plane, the security check found a satellite tracker implanted in his body.”

“How dare he!” Abu Dhabi’s chief officer slapped the table angrily.

“He still remembers to use an injured person to track down our basecamp at this time! ” He was furious.

“No, this is clearly him trying to disgust us.” Oldman Rothschild said, “Since it can be discovered by the security check, it means that this tracker was not cleverly placed at all. They are not that stupid, so clearly they’re just trying to disgust us.”

Oldman Cloverfield leaned back in his chair and sighed with his eyes closed. “I should have killed him in Switzerland at the very beginning! He didn’t die that time and became something else. He then cut off one of our arms and it was really a big move aimed at our core, it was an eye for an eye. The Wei Nation right now, whether it was economic sanctions or governance issues, his methods were all similar to how we were trying to take over Huaxia. We want to use economic sanctions in Huaxia and want to make a breakthrough with the four Gates to stir up Shangcheng, but we did not expect that this b-----d would use the same tactics to get back at the Wei Nation. He did it on purpose for us to see. If this person was not an enemy, and if he could be used by us, he would be a real asset.”

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