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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 780.2

Chapter 780: Been a long time since I heard him brag (Part Two)

Oldman Rothschild said, “We can’t let go of Asia, not only economically, but once that country in the East really rises, they will exceed the M Nation, and by then, we will be in a very awkward position. In that country, power is bigger than wealth. So if we can’t use our wealth as an advantage, then it would be nothing. We have to stop that day from turning into reality, so now, we must find an Asian consortium to join us.”

That was when one of the lords spoke up. “How about the big four families from the K Nation, such as Lee and Go? The K Nation has been very obedient these years, and closely follow the pace of the M Nation in pressuring Huaxia. I think we could offer the four of them to enter, and although they aren’t as good as the older families like the Mitsui from the Wei Nation, they would still be a strong power to have. The key is that they are very obedient.”

The others’ eyes brightened up.

“The four big families aren’t easy to deal with. Especially the Lee Family; they could override the President. They’re like Cloverfield’s family in the M Nation, especially since they’ve got the rest of the three families as support.”

Oldman Rothschild laughed. “Don’t forget that the Lee Family is not who they used to be. We all know about their control over the K Nation, don’t we? There are lots of people in the government who want to overthrow this Lee Family. Otherwise, separating from the North would serve no purpose. That’s why we supported their government, or else you think they would dare to investigate the Lee Family and the current successor?”

The Lord of South America had the lowest status and he really didn’t know this inside story, so he was very surprised to hear about it. “I was wondering why their government dared to take action against the Lee Family, so it’s because we had their back.”

Oldman Rothschild narrowed his eyes. “The Lee Family is not simple. This president we supported was brought down by various scandals released by them. Those guys, they’re intending to take actions against us.”

Cloverfield sneered. “Give the current heir of the Lee Family a chance to meet with us here, and he wouldn’t dare to make another move. He probably doesn’t know that it was us behind the government, or else how could he have dared with his four hundred billion dollars Three-Star industry?”

Oldman Rothschild: “Don’t say that. The Three Star Group’s scale and technology are among that of the top, not much weaker than those from Silicon Valley. Apple almost lost to them, so do not underestimate their ability. That’s enough to gain them a ticket into this game, with the advanced technology they have.”

Morgan’s current family head looked at the others. “Since there are no other suggestions, then we will have the four great families of the K Nation join the club?”

The six lords all raised their hands to show their approval.

“Then let’s pick a day and meet with the representative from these four families, alright? Let them feel the welcome from the largest capital organization in this world.”

– Huaxia –

– Ye Family courtyard –

The five old masters gathered together again to drink tea.

Old Master Ye had smiles on his face. He had been in a good mood recently because the Wei Nation was still trying to put out fire, and they didn’t have enough energy to fight over the islands.

“Tell the Dragon Division, make sure to protect Lin Chuxue and raise her security level to national level, this lucky woman can’t fall into the hands of those people now. Otherwise, I don’t know if my grandson will survive this.”

That was when the secretary came over and reported, “Old Chief, Mr. Fang just landed at Yanjing Airport.”

The five old Masters all smiled at the news. “Go pick him up. Oh man, it’s been a long time since I’ve heard this kid brag.”

The secretary smiled and nodded. He then drove the red flag limousine directly to the airport to pick up Xu Cheng.

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