Chapter 781: I’ll remember this name (Part One)

Xu Cheng walked out through the airport security wearing a windbreaker that hid part of his appearance.

He listened to the music playing from his earphones to ease the murderous aura from this trip.

In order to not attract too much attention, he exited through the VIP lane.

However, this appearance made another group feel scared.

It was a group of four people.

A youthful woman, even with sunglasses on, could be defined as beautiful based on her figure.

She was accompanied by an assistant, a manager, and a relatively stout bodyguard.

Seeing that she was all covered up taking the VIP passage in the capital of Yanjing, Xu Cheng guessed that she was probably a celebrity.

Xu Cheng walked slowly and didn’t feel anything wrong, but the bodyguard blocked his way at the corner.

“Damn paparazzi, which company are you from? I’ll beat you up if you follow us any longer! I warn you, hurry up and get out. Do not reveal our whereabouts. Otherwise no matter which company you’re from, I can get you fired.”

Xu Cheng was listening to his music, and with his hearing, he could actually hear the bodyguard’s voice, but he pretended to be deaf as he took off the earphones and said, “What are you barking at?”

The bodyguard saw that he still dared talk back, so he forced Xu Cheng to the corner. “I’m not kidding, if you follow our artist Mu Wan again, I will beat you up!”

Xu Cheng frowned. “You’ve got it all wrong, I’m not a paparazzi, I just got off the plane as well.”

The bodyguard: “Then why are you sneaking around dressed like this? What are you covering up? There were three forks in this passage, and I saw you follow us twice already. You still want to argue your way out?”

Xu Cheng was impatient. “Have you seen any paparazzi who’s able to take the VIP passage? Do you even have a little common sense up there? Besides, I don’t know Mu Wan, I only know Lin Chuxue. Don’t think that everyone in the world’s bored enough to revolve around your artist.”

Just as his words fell, Mu Wan and her assistant and manager walked over with a displeased look.

They all heard Xu Cheng’s disdainful words and came over to reveal this paparazzi, who was pretending not to be a stalker.

“With our Mu Wan’s fame today, which paparazzi wouldn’t go far to get news about her? Not to mention the VIP passage, it’s not unusual for you people to use all kinds of spy-like gadgets. So stop pretending and get out immediately. I won’t ask which newspaper you’re from but if you don’t get out now, I’ll call your boss to get you fired.”

“Idiots!” Xu Cheng rolled his eyes at these arrogant people and walked away by himself.

Mu Wan pulled down Xu Cheng’s hood from behind him, and suddenly, Xu Cheng’s pale ghost-like face was revealed in front of them all. All three women were scared, and the bodyguard blocked Mu Wan behind him.

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