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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 781.2

Chapter 781: I’ll remember this name (Part Two)

Xu Cheng looked deeply at Mu Wan, and emitted a dangerous aura.

Mu Wan grunted and said carelessly, “If Lin Chuxue knew that her fans were so ugly, I wonder if she would dare to see you? You can scare people even in broad daylight with this look. I think it would be my misfortune for someone like you to like me.”

Obviously, she was angry to hear how Xu Cheng said ‘I don’t know Mu Wan, I only know Lin Chuxue.’ As a celebrity, the most hated thing to hear would be that someone else was better than they were. She was already very famous and it was okay to hear someone say they’ve never heard her name, but to compare her to someone who’s retired was unbearable.

Xu Cheng stared at her with some anger. “Did your boss ever tell you that the most basic thing for celebrities is to smile when you meet people? That’s minimum professional courtesy. If you don’t understand, then go back to the bottom and start over.”

Having said that, he intended to leave as he turned around.

Yet Mu Wan said back at him, “There is a saying: ‘talk to people and talk nonsense to ghosts.’ Sorry, but I can’t smile looking at your face. I can smile on stage to deceive those fans, but in private, I can’t smile at you from the bottom of my heart. It’s good enough if I don’t ask you to compensate me for mental damage.”

Xu Cheng’s body froze.

He turned his head and looked at Mu Wan with a meaningful glance as he said, “This is the biggest reason why I only know Lin Chuxue and not you. You’re famous with that low of an EQ?”

“Nonsense, our Mu Wan is no where weaker than Lin Chuxue was at her peak, and Mu Wan would be even higher right now than Lin Chuxue back then. Go understand the market before talking. No wonder you don’t know Mu Wan, look at your ugly face! You’re from Mars, right?” The assistant looked at Xu Cheng disdainfully.

Xu Cheng: “Mu Wan, right? I’ll remember this name.”

Having said that, Xu Cheng walked away without looking back.

The assistant: “Ugly people like to get attention. Our price tag is multiple times that of Lin Chuxue, and in terms of popularity, who knows who Lin Chuxue is now? What a joke, comparing us to a retired celebrity.”

The manager did not forget to flatter, “How else could they compare? Who’s got a higher price tag than Mu Wan right now? He knew that there’s no one who could compare to her, so he deliberately compared us with a retired celebrity. This just shows how Mu Wan’s popularity is unmatchable.”

Mu Wan laughed and walked with a breeze.

By the time they got outside, they realized that their convoy hadn’t arrived yet to pick her up, and that made Mu Wan angry.

“This driver doesn’t want to keep his job, right? Call him and ask where the hell he is.”

The assistant hurriedly took out her cell phone to call the driver, but then they heard the driver shout from across the street with the phone in his hand. “I’m over here!”

The assistant shouted back at him, “Are you telling us to go over and get in the car? Get your *ss over here, quick.”

The driver let out a bitter smile. “The airport personnel said that there’s a temporary clearance and are not allowing vehicles to park there and pick-up people. Please walk over here.”

Mu Wan snatched the phone and yelled at the driver, “The sun is so strong outside, and you’re asking me to walk over in this sunlight? Do you think I’m too nice? I’ll give you ten seconds, hurry up and come here.”

The driver had no choice; after all, it was his job.

The moment the car parked at the restricted area, armed police and airport security came over and yelled, “Can’t you read the signs? Are you blind? No parking here!”

When Mu Wan saw that it was the airport security, she immediately took off her sunglasses and showed her most pleasing smile. “Excuse me, I’m Mu Wan and this is my driver. Please understand.”

“I don’t care who you are, I’ll give you one second to clear this area. Hurry up or I’ll cancel your license plate.”

The driver was scared as he drove the car away immediately, not daring to stay.

That was when a red flag car came from behind.

The security immediately went over to open the door, and Old Master Ye’s assistant walked down. He smiled when he saw Xu Cheng walking out from the exit and greeted, “The Chief told me to come over and pick you up, Young Master Xu.”

“Okay.” Xu Cheng nodded as he got into the red flag car. Before he rolled up the window, he glanced at Mu Wan, who was looking dumbfounded.

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