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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 79

Chapter 79: A Terrible Start

“Nothing, I just heard the noise outside and I guessed.” Xu Cheng laughed and he immediately sunk into silence.

“Why is your nose bleeding?” At this moment, Shen Yao pointed at him with surprise and asked curiously.

Xu Cheng paused for a second as he subconsciously wiped his nose. Of course, blood… Well, now that was a bit awkward.

“Probably because Auntie Lin brought over too many supplements for me.”

“Should I call the doctor over?” Shen Yao asked, a bit concerned.

“Nah, it’s fine.”

Shen Yao nodded, got up and was about to take off her jacket because there was air conditioning inside the ward so she didn’t need the jacket to fend off the cold.

However, who knew Xu Cheng would point at her and immediately say, “Don’t take it off.”

Ran Jing and Shen Yao were both a bit dumbfounded.

Xu Cheng was also regretting his words just now. But, he was a bit scared that once he closed and opened his eyes again, if Shen Yao took off her jacket, then he might be able to see through her bra too… Then that would be a bit awkward.

“What’s happening to you, acting all suspicious.” Shen Yao wondered as she hung her jacket on the hanger and asked him.

“Aren’t you cold?” Xu Cheng pulled whatever who could.

“Isn’t there an air condition here?” Shen Yao rolled her eyes.

“Then can you move the clothing rack to the window?” Xu Cheng said.


“What if the killers have a sniper? I’m concerned that the window will give him just the window of opportunity to put a bullet up my butt.”

Shen Yao thought Xu Cheng was right, so she rolled the clothing rack to the window to interfere with the sight from outside looking in.

Then, Xu Cheng pretended to go to sleep and closed his eyes. However, he couldn’t fall asleep. After discovering such an amazing ability, how could someone not be super excited and fall asleep?

Xu Cheng closed his eyes, but he began concentrating his focus. Now, with the training of using ultrasound, it’s much easier to control the level of concentration with his brain.

When Xu Cheng opened his eyes again, he shockingly found that he could see through all walls. He could even see the people walking around out there, and that visual was like a machine that could see through all kinds of materials and focus on the living beings in action.

The rats in the corners, the people walking in the hallways, the family members anxiously waiting outside the emergency room, the health care workers changing shift, as well as the crowd walking up and down the stairs. As long as they were living creatures, he seemed to be able to see them all, and other non-living objects were simply close to transparency in his eyes.

Xu Cheng was curious as to why this was happening.

“Could it be that I can directly see what my ultrasonic waves detect?” Xu Cheng was quite shocked.

Indeed, the ultrasonic waves that he sent out will send feedback to his brain and then the information will be relayed to his eyes, so when he opens his eyes, he can ignore non-living objects and lock onto the people that were moving around.

What shocked Xu Cheng even more was that when his visual field had so many people appearing at once, his brain didn’t start hurting from sensory overload, and he could even see and hear those people clearly, as if he was right there next to them. His brain or eyes weren’t exhausted at all.

He turned to the left side of the hospital, and then to the right side, and then looked down. He could even see the people paying at the reception and those walking in and out of the entrance.

Holy crap this pair of eyes is overpowered!

Xu Cheng lifted his head and look towards the ceiling, wanting to see if he could see the starry sky above. However, just when he leaned against the headboard and was about to enjoy the view, he saw a guy on the roof!

Xu Cheng saw that this guy was in the middle of changing into a hospital uniform, with a gun tied to his ankle.

Xu Cheng subconsciously said, “Here they come.”

Ran Jing and Shen Yao asked him, “What are you talking about?”

“I said, the killers are here!” Xu Cheng blinked twice and withdrew his x-ray eyes, saying determinedly to Ran Jing, “Send your people to the roof. There’s a man about 30 years old in a hospital uniform with the badge number L028. Tell your men that he has a gun holstered around his ankle. There are calluses on his fingers, so he’s a professional.”

Ran Jing paused for a second. She completely didn’t react to what Xu Cheng was saying yet or whether he was even talking to her. “Wait, what?”

Xu Cheng immediately said, “Hurry and tell your men to intercept him. He’s already coming down the stairs. Hurry up!”

Seeing that Xu Cheng wasn’t at all joking, Ran Jing immediately spoke into her earpiece to her squad that was on patrol, “Ah-Bing, bring three people that are good with melee combat to the roof. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you see a male in his 30s with a work badge number of L028, check to see if there’s a gun on his ankle. If yes, then take him down! Hurry up!”

Hearing her command, Ah-Bing brought three guys and immediately ran towards the stairway. When they were about to arrive on the roof, they saw a man in uniform, coming down.

When that man saw these four guys, he clearly hesitated for a second. But, he still appeared very calm. After all, Ah-Bing and the others were undercover, and the assassin thought that he might’ve been too sensitive, seeing these guys not in police uniforms. So, he acted casually and walked past them.

Ah-Bing took notice of his badge number when they walked past each other. It was exactly the same number as Captain Ran said.

“Wait a minute.” Ah-Bing and the others turned around and halted the killer.

With his back against them, the killer paused, and his hands slowly curled into a fist. However, he still turned around calmly and said nonchalantly, “Can I help you?”

A criminal police officer took out his badge and said, “Police. Can you let us do a simple body-search?”

The killer’s eyes narrowed.

Detecting that change in microexpression, Ah-Bing instinctively pulled out his gun and was ready any minute.

Seeing the police with their gun out, the killer knew he couldn’t take them head on and could only try to win them with wit. “What gives you the right to search my body? What law did I break? I don’t think the police can just search people whenever they feel like it, right? Besides, you are not even in uniform, how do I know if you are actually police officers or not?”

Ah-Bing remembered that Captain Ran said the gun was on his ankle. He walked over and said, “It’s fine, we won’t search you then.”

The killer let out a sigh of relief, but who knew Ah-Bing would suddenly kick him in the leg. Ah-Bing immediately felt something hard and pointed the gun at the killer’s head, reminding him to not act rashly. “What’s on his ankle?”

The other officers immediately got him under control and lifted a leg of his pants. Indeed, there was a black pistol with a silencer on it.
“Captain Ran, you are right, this guy’s a killer. We found a gun and a silencer.” Ah-Bing immediately reported to Captain Ran.

And Ran Jing’s eyes shot wide open as she looked towards Xu Cheng.

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