Chapter 9: Marksmanship and Accuracy

Ran Jing could smell the friction intensifying between the two. She felt that since they all came from the same job, there was no need to make things difficult for each other so she tried to step in. “All of you shut up.”

Li Dazhuang turned around and looked at her. “I said that I will protect you. You can reject me from becoming your boyfriend, but you can’t reject the things I’m willing to do for you.”

Ran Jing didn’t know what to say anymore.

Li Dazhuang then looked at Xu Cheng. “You are definitely weaker than me in strength. In combat, you little regional police probably can’t beat me too, as well as any other professional skills. So, to prevent you from finding an excuse for your defeat, let’s compete in a basic skill that both of us are experienced in.”

Xu Cheng, “What is it?”

Li Dazhuang then said, enunciating each word, “Gun assembly.”

He then took out his pistol from his holster and said, “As a police officer, knowing how to assemble their gun is a basic skill that everyone must learn. The gun is a part of us, and we are going to compete on who knows their gun better.”

Then, it became awkward for Xu Cheng because he didn’t get his gun and firearm license yet…

“I don’t have one,” Xu Cheng said frankly.

“Then there’s no need to compete,” Ran Jing intervened. “He rarely carries a gun, his proficiency is definitely not higher than a SWAT member like yourself. The competition is pointless.”

Then, Ran Jing was about to pull Xu Cheng to leave.

Li Dazhuang knew that he couldn’t go against Ran Jing’s words, but he still couldn’t help but mock Xu Cheng more with disdain. “Then I guess you won’t compete with me anymore and just hide behind a woman. Ran Jing, if you like a man like this, then I have nothing to say too. He’s completely useless; no wonder he’s just a regional police officer. He’s completely not on the same level as us.”

Ran Jing frowned. “Li Dazhuang, don’t be an a-----e, we are all police officers. What’s the difference?”

Xu Cheng didn’t want to deal with trouble, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t fight back when someone was humiliating him to this degree, or he wouldn’t be the same Xu Cheng that stirred up a storm in the army. Although that damn genetic fluid caused his comprehensive strength to drop, his C-class power was more than enough to handle a D-class officer like Li Dazhuang.

Xu Cheng completely turned around and arrived a few inches away from Li Dazhuang’s face. Both of them were pretty tall, about even in height. Xu Cheng, completely unfazed by the close bull-like encounter, said, “I have always wanted to see what special police units are like. Propose whatever you want, whoever doesn’t have the balls to play is a p---y!”

Li Dazhuang got even closer to Xu Cheng’s face and sneered, “Come with me.”

“Xu Cheng, don’t be impulsive… SWAT units are different from us in nature,” said Ran Jing.

Xu Cheng directly ignored her and followed Li Dazhuang into the practice field inside their Criminal Investigation Department building. Inside there, all kinds of training equipment were present, including a boxing stage and a shooting range.

The two came to a desk. Li Dazhuang took one of his colleague’s pistols and slid it to Xu Cheng, and the two began disassembling the guns. Then, Li Dazhuang said, “When I say start, let’s see who can assemble their gun quicker and then turn around to empty the clip at the target at 30 meters. This way, we are not only competing gun assembling but also marksmanship.”

Ran Jing complained, “It’s not fair. Li Dazhuang, you are on the SWAT team, you have the conditions that allow you to regularly practice these exercises. Xu Cheng doesn’t have such an advantage.”

“He was the one that said whoever doesn’t play is a p---y,” Li Dazhuang looked at Xu Cheng and sneered.

Xu Cheng looked at him and said indifferently, “If I lose, do you just want me to apologize to Ran Jing?”

Li Dazhuang sneered, “Oh no, I also want you to stay away from her.”

Xu Cheng asked, “Then what happens if you lose?”

Li Dazhuang said with disdain, “Do you think I will lose? Do you want to go around the department and ask about my capabilities?

Xu Cheng repeated, “So what happens if you lose?”

Li Dazhuang mercilessly said, “If I lose, then I will f*cking call you daddy.”

Xu Cheng slightly smiled. “Then let’s get started?”

The two colleagues beside Li Dazhuang began counting down, “3… 2… 1!”

The moment that “1” came out, Xu Cheng picked up the handful of parts with both hands, while Li Dazhuang began by picking up a part with each hand. It took Li Dazhuang 2 seconds to finish putting in the ballistic tube. On the other hand, Xu Cheng’s overall movements weren’t much faster, but what was freakishly terrifying about him was that he could pick up at least three parts at once and finish assembling them perfectly in one step, while also only taking 2 seconds. That meant, within the same amount of time, he was at least 3 steps ahead of Li Dazhuang.

Upon seeing this, Li Dazhuang’s pupils greatly magnified, and subconsciously, his hands began moving faster as well. But unfortunately, his mind clearly couldn’t keep up with his hand movements so there were jamming noises.

And with the next sweep of his hand, Xu Cheng took the last three parts and successfully finished putting together the gun. 6 bullets were smoothly pushed into the magazine and with a “ka” sound, he popped the clip in. With a quick racking of the pistol slide, he raised it towards the target 30 meters away and emptied the mag! All shot with one hand!

Not to comment on his accuracy, just his streamlined steps of assembling a gun was efficient to the point of not wasting a single second. Li Dazhuang had just finished and began shooting after Xu Cheng had shot all 6 bullets.

After firing the 6 bullets, Li Dazhuang’s face was already burning from the face-slaps. Not to mention the results on the target, he had lost on the assembling step. He was not even close, completely stomped by Xu Cheng’s speed and expertise.

His expression became very unnatural, only praying that he could save some of his dignity with the accuracy of his shots.

When he looked towards Xu Cheng, he saw that guy was already smoking while sitting down by a table.

Ran Jing ran and retrieved the targets, and then she jogged back.

Li Dazhuang, wanting to save some face, said, “You do have some skill when it comes to gun assembly. But I caught a glimpse of your shooting, and I couldn’t help but laugh. The recoil per round would naturally affect the accuracy, so generally, it’s better to hold the gun with two hands at shoulder level to improve hit rate. I saw that you took 6 shots with one hand, clearly, you were trying to show off after watching too many movies.”

Xu Cheng didn’t say anything but just quietly smoked his cigarette.

And Ran Jing, with the target in her hand, awkwardly looked at Li Danzhuang. It seemed like she didn’t have the heart to announce the result.

“Don’t you know my capabilities? Just announce the result,” Li Dazhuang said casually.

Ran Jing raised Li Dazhuang’s target and said, “You got one hit in the center 5-point red zone, 3 on the 3-point blue zone, and 2 on the 2-point green zone, with a total of 18 points.”

The target itself was only a round disc 20 centimeters in diameter. Shooting at something this size, not to mention hitting the red zone, one would already be amazing enough if he or she could hit the target from 30 meters away, relying purely on iron sights. So, this result was worthy of showing off for Li Dazhuang because it was the equivalence of being able to headshot someone 6 times from 30 meters away, as that target was just about the size of an adult’s head.

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