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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 82

Chapter 82: I’ll Play with You

Xu Cheng immediately didn’t know how to explain himself to Ran Jing. What was he going to say to her? Oh, I can see anything that’s living, and I also saw your rose-red bra?

The hitman observing from the building across the street seemed to detect the failure of Dolphin’s operation.

He immediately reported to central communication, “Dolphin seemed to have blown her cover and got captured.”

The scar-faced guy managing central communication became silent for a bit. Then, picking up a gun, he said, “Everyone, gather at the corridor outside of Xu Cheng’s ward.”

“Boss, what are we doing?”

“It’s clear that our mission failed. Dolphin and the others already have heavy criminal records and they for sure wouldn’t be able to come out alive after getting arrested. We have to go and save them.” Scarface immediately picked up the speaker and shouted at Dolphin’s earpiece. “Captain Ran, how about we make a deal?”

The voice was faintly heard from the inside of Dolphin’s nurse uniform. Ran Jing directly took it out and put it on speaker. “Who are you?”

Scarface: “Who I am is not important. You arrested three of our guys. Let them go, and we will cancel our operation.”
Ran Jing sneered, “Have you seen a police officer letting criminals go after capturing them? Your existence affects the safety of others, so you guys should all be supervised at all times, and that means going to prison!”
“We are at the hospital, and I don’t want to make the scale of our operation any larger. However, we are more than capable of doing so. We just want to give you guys a chance. If you don’t let our guys go, then we will come into the hospital and take you all down to hell with us!” Scarface threatened.

Ran Jing’s eyes narrowed. If they really were to do what they said, then it may put innocent civilians into danger, and it wasn’t a responsibility she could shoulder.

She swore, “Do you think the police will compromise with criminals?”

“You guys can try to act tough. Worst comes to worst, we will all die together,” Scarface sneered.

In fact, Xu Cheng knew where this guy was at, but she still wanted to eavesdrop on where the other members were located in the hospital.

Right after Scarface finished talking, many members immediately felt opposed to the idea. “Boss, are you crazy? You want to go all out with the police? That will block all escapes for us.”

“Yeah, Boss, that’s too reckless! We should retreat. This profession of course comes with risks, and we have to think of the bigger picture! We can save our teammates later. They were just arrested for holding weapons, they won’t be given the death penalty.”

Scarface immediately said angrily, “What about Dolphin? Her motive constitutes a murder. If she’s caught, then there’s no way she’s coming out!”

The other guys all became silent.

“Boss, hear me out, you are just getting a bit too emotional because you guys had sex, but you understand very well, we can’t have too many emotions if we are in this profession.”

Scarface: “Shut up! Everyone, go and block the back entrance of the hospital. We can’t let them take Dolphin away! Worst comes to worst, we will fight them!”

“You really are crazy!”

Their conversations were all eavesdropped by Xu Cheng’s ultrasound, and he knew the exact location of those that were speaking with his penetrating vision.

He said to Ran Jing, “Give me your earpiece, I will take over from here. You tell your team to all listen to me from now on.”

“Don’t waste your time.” At this moment, Dolphin, who was in cuffs, laughed and said, “Other than the two you guys caught, we have a lot of people here at the hospital involved in this assassination operation. If we aren’t professional, we wouldn’t be hired to do the job. Do you really plan on forcing us to put everyone in this hospital into danger?”

“Since you are that confident, then I will play with you guys.” After speaking, he waved at Ran Jing, and then took over the communication piece for the hitman team and said to Scarface, “Listen, if you guys want to go to war, then I will take you on. I won’t let go of the people we arrested, and I will also be arresting the rest of you guys.”
On the other end, the scar-faced guy laughed fearlessly, “If right now, a couple of people with submachine guns begin spraying bullets inside the hospital and cause a large scale massacre, do you think you will still be able to keep your job?”

“Are you threatening me?” Xu Cheng’s eyes narrowed.

Scarface laughed and said, “I wouldn’t dare to, so that’s why I’m trying to negotiate with you. Just let our guys go, and I promise you can have a good night sleep.”

Xu Cheng: “If I don’t arrest all of you guys, how could I have a good night sleep? You are not a qualified hitman, do you know that?”

He heard the whole conversation inside the hitman’s group.

Scarface’s face slightly changed and paused.

“A qualified hitman must be cold-blooded. You are acting so recklessly for this woman, you like her, right? Wanna see whose chips are bigger?”

Scarface very much hated the idea of being seen through by someone else. He said in a deep voice, “If you talk nonsense again, then let’s battle right now. Worst comes to worst, let’s die together! I will give you 10 minutes, bring all three of our people to the van parked in the back parking lot of the hospital. Let them drive themselves, and I promise I won’t take any extreme measures to deal with the rest. We are hitmen, not extremists!”

“Okay, then 10 minutes.” After speaking, Xu Cheng turned off the communication piece and threw it to the side. Then, he reached out for Ran Jing’s internal communication device that was connected with 15 other criminal police units.

Ran Jing just said a few words before taking off her bluetooth earpiece, “Xu Cheng will be giving commands from now on, everyone focus! These killers are threatening us with a massacre at the hospital if we do not let go of their people. I hope you all know very clearly what could happen, and I will need 100% of everyone’s focus in the next 10 minutes.”

Then, she passed the earpiece to Xu Cheng. Putting it into his ear, he said, “Who’s in first floor lobby.”

“Unit 1, 3, 5 are on standby at the entrance.”

Xu Cheng: “Very well, act natural. Go to the waiting area, in the lobby, on the third seat of fifth row, there’s a man in a white grid shirt with a buzzcut. You can see that he’s quite muscular. He’s armed, and he should be good with melee combat as well. I need you all to take him down as quickly as possible. Remember, don’t cause a commotion.”

Dolphin’s face immediately changed, and terrified, she looked towards Xu Cheng. She was extremely shocked because the man described by him was the guy in their group responsible to keep a watch out for police. This guy was responsible for notifying the rest of the team the moment police units arrived.

Hearing the command, the three criminal police units exchanged a look, and they immediately went for the lobby. At the waiting area chairs, they indeed saw a guy in a white grid shirt sitting on the third seat of the fifth row, completely fitting Xu Cheng’s description!

The three of them walked over casually. Two of them sat down across from that man, and just when this man vigilantly looked up, another officer already went behind him and held a gun against his head. “Don’t move.”

The other two officers immediately grabbed onto each side of the man, disarmed him, and quietly escorted him to a corner so they didn’t affect the other patients that were waiting for their medical consultation.

“Target at the lobby has been taken care of.”

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  1. Tsuna

    Yo he deadass seems like he has omniscience. Like dead a-s if they said how do you know this and he gave a speech saying I can see and hear everything. What clothes your wearing how far are you what your holding and etc. There gonna think he’s God.

    • Wait wait wait that’s incomplete he should first unlocked the lizards ability to walk in the water lol then he can call himself GOD lol hahahha.

  2. What the heckers I caught up. I didn’t expect the glory to end so soon… Definitely going on my waiting list though.

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