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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 85

Chapter 85: Fighting Over for Xu Cheng

Originally, she was quite happy and very much anticipated the night she could spend accompanying Xu Cheng, but upon hearing that Xu Cheng liked someone else, she was quite upset.

No wonder he was so indifferent towards Ran Jing and her. So there was already someone in his heart.

Upon thinking of this, Shen Yao, who was in front of the mirror in the washroom, bitterly smiled. Earlier, she thought that maybe Xu Cheng was a good guy, but it wasn’t like she had to try very hard to court him since there were plenty of men better than him. In other words, Xu Cheng could be a nice boyfriend to have but not a must. However, after hearing that Xu Cheng had someone he liked, she began feeling quite anxious since she was very competitive in nature.

“It’s fine, I don’t like him that much anyways. If it’s not destined to be, then so be it.” At the mirror, she comforted herself.

– The next day –

Two military-grade Hummers arrived at the 5th Military Region. The license plates gave away that it was from Shangcheng, and the man inside was of high status. After showing the documents, the soldiers on gate duty immediately saluted and let them in.

The two Hummers drove directly into the base, stopping before the office of the head instructor and then began honking like no tomorrow.

The head instructor of the 5th Military Region (MR) got so annoyed that he almost threw a grenade at them. But then, when he saw who it was, he immediately pouted and said, “Oh look at who it is. What brings the honorable head instructor of the top dog league, the 8th Military Region, to our humble temple?”

The head instructor of the 8th MR: “Go in first, I want to talk to you about something.”

“Stop right there. Every f-ing year you bully us and suppress my team below the 50% mark, I didn’t even get back at you yet. If you have something to say, then let’s talk here. Don’t think that I will waste my tea leaves on you,” said the head instructor of the 5th MR.

“Come on, Bro,” the 8th MR head instructor said as he just walked into the office first.

The 5th MR’s head instructor went in as well and closed the door. Then, he sat down and demanded, “Talk.”

The 8th MR’s head instructor put Xu Cheng’s file on the table. “The 8th Military Region is taking this guy.”

The 5th MR’s head instructor saw the file and immediately glared back at him. “Didn’t I tell you already? This guy’s not up for sale!”

The 8th MR head instructor laughed, knowing that it was time for negotiation. He said, “What can you give him? Every year, you guys are swimming in the bottom half percent, when could he carry the rest of your team to the top? You give him to me, and I can guarantee that my team will get to the top 3 this year! Once he’s part of a team in the top 3, then he will have more opportunities to showcase his capabilities. Wouldn’t his future be brighter?”

“I think it’s fine.” Just then, a guy standing at the office’s front door said with a big smile. “You still have to take him to the military exercise competition. It’s still undecided what place they are going to get since it’s still down the road. But, I can give him the bright future right now.”

The two MRs’ head instructors both looked at the door, and it turned out to be the Shangcheng police HQ director.

“What’s happening today? Why are you both coming to my shabby temple to fight for a soldier?”

“Old friend, judging by Xu Cheng’s performance this time, I think it’s a bit of a waste letting him stay in your military region. Don’t you think his personality and power is more suited for fighting against criminals? I also think he’s having quite a lot of fun here in my police force,” the director smiled and said.

The head instructor of 5th MR snorted, “I’m not scared of him dealing with criminals, I just don’t want his straightforward manner and iron-blood temper to get ruined by the politics inside the police system. Don’t forget, I’m just sending him there for a temporary vacation. I still have a position reserved for him here, I didn’t let him retire yet.

Director said, “That’s why I came here today hoping that you can officially transfer him to our police force. I can’t promise too much right now, but there will definitely be a high position in the criminal investigation department in the future, and that’s what I’m offering right now.”

The head instructor of the 5th MR obviously wanted what was best for Xu Cheng, and he was of course happy that Xu Cheng could get such an offer. At this time, he looked towards the head instructor of the 8th MR, pouted, and said, “Well, the other guy already placed down his offer, how about you? You are not just gonna come all the way here but not show me how sincere you are, right?”

The head instructor of the 8th MR looked at the police force director and snorted, “You are destroying a pure soldier, do you know that? He still has a lot of room for growth. As long as he can come to our military region, I will guarantee that I will nurture him into one of the top soldiers.”

“Stop with the boasting nonsense. If you don’t show any sincerity, then I’m taking this guy,” the director laughed and said. “The military can train strength, but the society can train his comprehensive strength in all directions. Otherwise, being a pure mindless soldier is only going to bring harm to himself.”

The 8th MR’s head instructor immediately got worked up. “Who are you calling a pure mindless soldier?”

The director waved his hand. “Well, I’m not talking about Xu Cheng, so you tell me who I’m calling a pure mindless soldier. I like the kid.”

The 8th MR’s head instructor: “I also like the kid, I’m taking him today!”

The two’s eyes met, having an intense stare down.

“Okay, if you guys can’t decide, are you guys going to fight to decide the winner?” The head instructor of the 5th MR pushed back both guys. “Holy crap, grow up. As for Xu Cheng, it’s not that I must keep him on my team, but can you guys first tell me what you like most about him?”

The director: “You know as well, Shangcheng is a metropolis, a financial center, and it has all kinds of people. The talents we nurture from the police academy are only becoming fewer and fewer in number, and they will all become localized within a year after they get to their position, becoming old fritters (TL note: it’s a Chinese saying for people with a lot of street smart and try to avoid trouble instead of enforcing rules). There are fewer and fewer police officers that dare to speak, do, and fight, and that’s what spoiled those rich heirs to the point where they think they can do whatever they want. But, if a police officer is scared of trouble, then what’s the point of them being a police officer? Xu Cheng has the big balls, and he also knows how to control the extent of his actions. Multiple times, he dealt with some rich heirs and the forces of the four Gates to just the right extent, teaching them a lesson without leaving behind any material for them to sue him on. Just this alone proves that he’s got a good brain and shouldn’t be a mere patrol officer. I like how he takes the unconventional ways and how confident he is, and I think Shangcheng needs people like him.”

The head instructor of the 5th MR nodded, and then looked at the 8th MR. “What about you? What do you see in him?”

The 8th MR head instructor simply replied, “Strength!”

The 5th MR head instructor directly pulled Xu Cheng’s comprehensive assessment results from right before he left out of a drawer and said, “Take a look at it yourself, I’m not lying. His strength was on a steep decline and he didn’t want us to keep him here out of sympathy. That’s why I gave him a break to be a patrol officer in Shangcheng.”

The 8th MR head instructor took over the file and looked, and the director also caught a glimpse and frowned. “Why’s the decline so steep?”

The 8th MR head instructor threw the file to the side. “I don’t care. Decline or no decline, how can a soldier let his life go to waste at the police force? If you don’t want the guy, then give him to me. I will help him reach his prime again.”

“I didn’t say that I don’t want him. I meant this is Xu Cheng’s home, and he can come back whenever he wants!” The 5th MR head instructor said, “But you two shouldn’t be here asking me about this. You should go ask Xu Cheng directly and listen to his ideas. To be honest, I feel guilty about his strength declining so much from that mission, so I respect his decision. If he wants to join the police force then I don’t object, and if he wants to come back then I will welcome with open arms. It all depends on his own wishes.”

The 8th MR head instructor and Shangcheng police force director’s eyes met again, and they both snorted at each other.

“If you look down on mindless soldiers like us then go pick talents out of your own little academy. Don’t come looking for people at the military,” the 8th MR head instructor said in disdain.

The director also didn’t forget to ridicule back, “It’s because of instructors like you that your soldiers have character issues. That’s why they need to come to my place to be educated.”

The 5th MR head instructor didn’t know whether he should cry or laugh. “Oh come on, if you guys want you can fight at the ring outside in the field, my office is too small for you to stretch your bodies.”

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