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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Visiting Tevez’s Family’s Casino

Xu Cheng wasn’t stupid, and he could obviously tell that Tevez’s words were to belittle him.

It was difficult to say in front of Lin Chuxue’s parents, but Tevez really wanted to swear at Xu Cheng and call him an ugly toad that wanted to date a beautiful swan!

Lin Chuxue could have her opinions on Xu Cheng, but she would definitely not allow others to belittle him in front of her. Hearing another man subtly insulting her man, she directly interrupted Tevez, “I’m still doing music, and I think it’s all worth it. I’m sorry, I’m a woman with a husband now, and I think it’s best for you to show less interest in me because I don’t want my husband to misunderstand that there’s something between us.”

“Is your relationship with your husband really that good?” Tevez narrowed his eyes and questioned Lin Chuxue. If he were to put in the slightest effort, he could find out just how little the two contacted each other in the past few years. It wouldn’t take Sherlock to find out that their marriage might be in the red zone.

Lin Chuxue didn’t answer, nor did Xu Cheng.

Tevez then changed topics. “Okay, since Auntie and Uncle are here on vacation, how about we go to the casino my family runs?”

“You family won the bid?” Lin Guiren asked, a bit shocked. In the past few years, the Shangcheng government only opened up 10 slots for business licenses in this area. However, they were particularly exclusive, especially for foreigners. Tevez’s family was an authentic British Family, so reasonably speaking, it should have been impossible for them to get involved in this industry.

Speaking of this, Tevez said proudly, “I have a few Huaxia friends and we met back during university in Great Britain. They all have big backgrounds, and then I just happened to bring this up to them, and they pulled some strings and worked something out for me. But yeah, we spent a lot of money and got a few shares in the casino, but we aren’t big shareholders though.”

Lin Guiren praised, “That’s already very good! Many foreign companies don’t even have the opportunity to enter. This is a very lucrative project if run well.”

Tevez’s smile was even brighter and he said, “That’s also what my father said, and my family’s very satisfied with this. So, after I graduated, they sent me here to take care of the businesses on the casino side.”

Lin Lei then suddenly asked with a weird tone, “Umm, I wonder how many women the people in this industry have? I know a few friends running casinos in Las Vegas, and holy crap, the money, the booze; there’s was only one word that can describe that life – wild.”

He knew that this pig wanted his sister. As a veteran in the women’s game himself, it was easy for him to see through Tevez.

Tevez awkwardly coughed and immediately explained, “My family is really strict.”

In fact, he was just saying this for Lin Chuxue to hear, but the latter didn’t even care. She still had her arm around Xu Cheng’s and said, “With my current identity, I don’t think it will be convenient to go.”

She was a famous celebrity. Not to mention if she attracted attention when she was there, it would also be bad press if the media caught wind of this and began gossiping about how she was spotted in a casino. In fact, she also knew that this pig was just trying to show off in front of Xu Cheng, and she didn’t want him to get his way.

“It’s fine, it’s just for a tour. If Uncle wants to play, then I have VIP rooms. Besides, my casino definitely won’t allow the media to enter, not to mention the level of confidentiality we have with our VIP rooms. Even if it was the president that came, he wouldn’t attract too much attention,” Tevez immediately said, “Besides, there’s really nothing fun in Shangcheng. Although, the casinos here aren’t as good as the ones in Las Vegas, it’s the best in Asia, and it’s really big. It’s definitely worth a tour.”

Since Tevez was already this enthusiastic about this, it wouldn’t be nice if they didn’t go. Besides, Tevez’s family and the Lin Family had a pretty good relationship in Britain. So, Mommy Lin smiled and said, “Then, should we go and take a look?”

Mommy Lin’s thoughts were actually pretty simple as well. If her daughter did end up divorcing Xu Cheng, then she would still have to look for another potential suitor for her daughter.

Not to mention character first, Tevez’s family background was similar with the Lin Family’s background, and they could get to know each other more to find out about whether he was a reliable guy.

But, Mommy Lin also completely respected Xu Cheng, and if he didn’t feel comfortable then she would directly reject Tevez. So, she looked towards Xu Cheng, and the latter just nodded indifferently.

Tevez called his driver to drive over the new business class Maybach his dad bought for him. It could only seat 5 people, so after Lin Chuxue and her parents got in, Tevez gestured for Lin Lei to get into the front passenger seat so they could talk about cars and stuff. After all, young guys were most likely very interested in cars, especially luxury cars and supercars.

However, Lin Lei rejected his friendly invitation and said, “It’s fine, I will go and ride with my Brother-in-Law.”

After that, Lin Lei directly went and sat in the passenger seat of Xu Cheng’s Volkswagen, which was driven over earlier. Looking at the luxury car in front of them, he snorted, “Brother-in-Law, I know the kind of character this guy was back in England. Even if you divorce my sister, you must not hand my sister over to that scumbag.”

Xu Cheng started the car and followed behind the Maybach sedan as he said, “Don’t worry, your parents have good eyes too. But yeah, Lei, sorry.”

Lin Lei turned around to look at him. “For what?”

Xu Cheng: “The marriage between your sister and I, I’m sorry.”

Lin Lei sighed, “People not involved can see clearer than you two that are involved in the relationship. Brother-in-Law, when can your heart become strong enough to put aside that pride and go chase after my sister? I grew up with you sharing the same room, I know better than anyone else how much you love my sister. Since you love her, why not go care for her and cherish her? You are always afraid of those people calling you a pimp, getting raised by my family and now also greedily wanting to marry the treasured daughter of the family too, right?”

Xu Cheng didn’t say anything. But, Lin Lei was right. Under the premise of this kind of psychology, he was afraid that if he were to go after Lin Chuxue, any action to love and care for her could be perceived as pretentious and contrived with an ulterior motive. Then, Lin Chuxue might look down on him. And, if he forcibly got Lin Chuxue to marry him, then she might also call him ungrateful.

To be honest, Xu Cheng was pretty unconfident in himself in the past, especially when it came to Lin Chuxue. That was why he decided to go back to his home country and try to change himself. However, he still didn’t have the courage to face his wife, Lin Chuxue. After all, this wife was forcibly married to him rather than by her own will. Under this premise, he felt like anything he tried to do would be wrong, and that he would be regarded as an ugly frog that wanted to date a beautiful and majestic swan, even by Lin Chuxue herself.

He was quite afraid of arriving at that kind of result, it would be pretty hurtful. He wanted to go back to the younger days when they could keep a simple and innocent friendship and just be able to chat and laugh and play together, but those days were gone.

“Lei, as long as your sister doesn’t agree to the divorce, no one will be able to take her away from me. I promise,” Xu Cheng gritted his teeth and said.

“Brother-in-Law, I only have one sister, and I only have one Brother-in-Law, and I know you won’t let me down.” Lin Lei smiled. “Hope one day, my sis can notice the goodness about you.”

“I will make her realize that I’m no longer the me from before.” Xu Cheng smiled.

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