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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 9

Chapter 9: You Only Know How to Dodge?

Li Dazhuang placed the gun onto the table and took out a cigarette as well.


Xu Cheng blew out a ring of smoke and squinted his eyes as he said, “Only rookies with little real-combat experience have to rely on both hands to control the recoil for accuracy. Veterans that had been through hundreds of battles just need one hand to accomplish the same thing.”


Having said that, he turned his head and looked at Li Dazhuang. “Son, remember to respect your daddy later.”

Then, he put out the cig butt, stood up, and casually said, “Remember to go home and cook and clean on time. If you don’t want to live there, you are free to go.”


Then, without even giving them a second look, he left without even taking a look at his results, because he knew that there was no need.


“Where you going? You can’t admit defeat?” Li Dazhuang shouted.


Ran Jing’s face grew red as she yelled, “Shut it, stop embarrassing yourself on your own turf.”


Then, she threw Xu Cheng’s target onto the desk and said, “His 6 bullets all hit the 5-point zone, 30 points in total! You already lost in gun assembly, and he beat your a-s in shooting accuracy too!”


Li Dazhuang’s eyes widened, and his two colleagues were also dumbfounded to the point of becoming unable to close their mouths.


“Holy f*ck, he’s a pro!” the two colleagues exclaimed. “He assembled his gun, turned around, emptied the clip in 3 seconds, and had a perfect hit rate! Unbelievable!”


Li Dazhuang felt his face hurting from all the slaps, yet the stinging pain was even stronger in his heart! He lost too much dignity in front of his goddess.


Just before Xu Cheng completely left the shooting range, Li Dazhuang shouted, “You think SWAT officers are only better than normal police units in useless skills like this? Even if you know how to assemble a gun, who’s normally going to compete with you on gun assembly?”


Xu Cheng paused and couldn’t help but laugh. Then, he turned around and said to Li Dazhuang, “You. Didn’t you just compete with me in how to assemble a gun? Are you a little as*face that can’t admit defeat?”


Li Dazhuang almost coughed up blood.


He shouted, “Who has the time to assemble a gun when they are out there catching criminals? Even though you got a perfect score on the target, I can also get 6 out of 6 head shots at that distance. So, as a special police unit officer, I think it is necessary to teach you the real difference in power between us. “


Xu Cheng just calmly looked at him. “What do you want to play now?”


Li Dazhuang, “Do you have the balls to?”


Xu Cheng didn’t really care and said indifferently, “It’s not that I don’t dare to, but the loser has to admit defeat first. You can call me ‘daddy’ first, and then I will play more with you.”


“I….” Li Dazhuang’s expression slightly changed.


“If you can’t even admit defeat, then there’s really no point. I will leave now,” Xu Cheng said in disdain and turned to leave, but who knew Li Dazhuang would actually grit his teeth and shout with eyes burning with rage.




Xu Cheng burst into laughter with his back still facing them.


Li Dazhuang gritted his teeth and thought, You can laugh now, but it won’t be for long.


“That ‘daddy’ part, can you say it with more affection?” Xu Cheng smiled and said.


“Stop the bullsh*t. A SWAT officer’s main edge is combat! Do you dare to fight me in the ring? If not, then get the f*ck out and don’t harass Ran Jing in the future,” Li Dazhuang said.


“You have to get this into your head. Right now, it’s not me that’s harassing Ran Jing, but it’s her that wants to live at my place,” Xu Cheng said.


Ran Jing blushed. “Didn’t I agree to your conditions already?”


“Did you hear? It was Ran Jing wanting this to happen since the beginning, I didn’t harass her one bit. I know you are trying to protect your goddess, but get your facts straight first,” Xu Cheng continued.


Li Dazhuang took off his vest and revealed his solid muscles. He jumped onto the stage, put on his gloves, and said, “Stop talking. If you really have the balls, then come up. As a man, playing with a gun is nothing. One also needs to know how to fight. Didn’t Ran Jing say that you got some moves? Come on, let me see them too.”


Xu Cheng fell silent looking at Li Dazhuang provoking him in the ring.


Ran Jing knew that Xu Cheng might end up getting beaten by Li Dazhuang.


Li Dazhuang was clearly angered due to the embarrassment from earlier, but she couldn’t stand there and watch Xu Cheng get beat up. Otherwise, how could she still live at his condo? Originally, she just wanted to intimidate him with her muscular coworkers, but she already dropped that thought after hearing that Xu Cheng was also a police officer. It was completely unexpected that Xu Cheng actually gave her a surprise. Although there was nothing to brag about his gun assembly performance, from his shooting form and accuracy, he was clearly an experienced gunman; a pro that was way out of their league.


“Let’s go now, I’m putting an end to this,” Ran Jing said and came over to grab Xu Cheng.


Seeing Ran Jing’s intention to leave with Xu Cheng, Li Dazhuang immediately began to shout, “Ran Jing, I just want to show him a few moves. You know too, Shangcheng’s a chaotic place with all kinds of people, so who knows what a patrol officer might run into. It will be hard for him to handle things if he doesn’t know a thing or two. It’s not that I just want to fight to prove who’s better, I just felt that nothing is more direct than a little spar between two men to set things straight.”


Then, he looked at Xu Cheng as if he was smiling and asked, “Don’t you think so too?”


Xu Cheng looked at Li Dazhuang on the stage and nodded. “Not a bad idea.”


“Not a bad idea my as*!” Ran Jing bit her lips, as she came over and whispered to Xu Cheng, “This guy’s pretty skilled, so you will be at a disadvantage if you fight him. He’s clearly angered; if you guys are going to fight then he’s definitely not going to go easy on you.”


Xu Cheng didn’t listen to Ran Jing, as he walked directly towards the stage. “Hey son, if you call me ‘daddy’ one more time, then I will come up and fight you.”


“You!” Li Dazhuang was immediately furious.


“Can’t admit defeat?” Xu Cheng questioned.


Li Dazhuang pushed down his anger and said as he gritted his teeth, enunciating each syllable, “Daddy.”


“Good boy, then Daddy’s coming up to play with you.” Xu Cheng laughed as he jumped into the ring. Li Dazhuang’s two lackeys threw Xu Cheng the gloves, and Xu Cheng put them on and wiggled his arms and wrists.


Li Dazhuang saw Xu Cheng put on his gloves, and a wicked smile appeared on his face.


Just you wait, I’m going to beat you to the ground and watch you beg.


“Do you need a little warm up?” Li Dazhuang saw that Xu Cheng was still doing some stretching so he scoffed.


“Do I need to warm up to fight you?” Xu Cheng moved his neck around and said in disdain. “Let’s go.”


A grim expression flashed past Li Dazhuang’s face, as he quickly sent a kick flying towards Xu Cheng, who casually dodged. The former did not expect the latter to have such fast reflexes, and he began swinging both fists towards Xu Cheng, which were still agilely dodged by him.


Then, the next few waves of attacks from Li Dazhuang were all dodged by Xu Cheng, and Xu Cheng looked at him a little contemptuously and said, “Can you at least try to touch me?!”


Li Dazhuang was already exhausted and breathing heavily as he angrily responded, “How the f*ck can you be this good at dodging?”


Xu Cheng directly took off his gloves and threw them onto the ground, gesturing for Li Dazhuang to come. “Okay, I’m done dodging, come over.”


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  1. Ejaz Ahmed

    why the drag. losing face what ever is already enough. other than that is only word count.

  2. This chapter lost very much because of your liberal changes… to a point where his original personality is lost making me question if he is actually hot-blooded at all like how it’s written on NU.

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