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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 91

Chapter 91: This Kid Had Changed

Tevez had no choice but to go to the accountant to advance more cash.

That accountant was very straightforward and firm with him this time. “Unless you dilute your shares in exchange for the money, I won’t be able to complete this transaction.”

Tevez thought about it for a moment. He thought he was going to win anyway, so he would be able to just return the money in a bit and get his shares back.

After signing the necessary documents, he handed the 40 million yuan in chips to Tim, and Tim pushed all the chips into the center and said, “Reveal.”

Then, Xu Cheng pretended to slowly pick up his hand to look. To be honest, he knew the result already. Tim’s straight was obviously smaller than his triplet, and that was why he suggested that they play blind in the first place.

Lin Chuxue looked at Xu Cheng nervously. In fact, when Tim flipped over his card, she already felt that Xu Cheng’s odds of winning weren’t big. After all, his opponent had a straight, and no one could be confident when they were playing the whole round blind.

Seeing Xu Cheng staring at his hand for a long time, Tevez thought he was dying on the inside already, and he immediately laughed. “I told you to not make risky bets. You worked hard to earn money. Are you planning to borrow money from Nicole now that you lost so much? If that’s the case, then I’m even embarrassed to take the money I won from you.”

“That will require you to win first.” Xu Cheng smiled, and he began flipping over his hand card by card.

When 5 of Hearts, 8 of Hearts, J of Hearts were flipped over on the table, the smile on Xu Cheng’s face formed a bright contrast with the sullen expressions on Tevez and Tim’s face.

When Lin Lei came in and saw the huge pile of chips in the middle of the table, Xu Cheng immediately said to him, “Lei, get a few buckets and pack these chips in. Your Brother-in-Law’s gonna take you out for a great time!”

Lin Lei immediately began giggling as he climbed onto the table and packed all the chips, and Lin Chuxue also let out a sigh of relief. If Xu Cheng lost, then he would be out of a couple tens of millions of yuan. However, now there were more than 100 million yuan in chips on this table, and one could imagine how much pain Tevez was in just from the look on his face.

His heart hurt, his face hurt, his whole body wasn’t fine.

“Hey man, you didn’t have to do this… Even though we are guests, you didn’t have to deliberately lose this much money to us. It’s fine, just looking at how heartbroken you are and how you can’t handle the defeat, I shouldn’t take this money. Come, you can take these chips back.” Xu Cheng looked at him with a big smile, deliberately make fun of Tevez.

At this moment, if Tevez really took the money back, then he would truly lose all face and dignity today. Xu Cheng even especially emphasized the “can’t handle defeat part” in front of the Lin Couple, so if he really took back the money, then it would make him look like a sore loser.


Tevez was furious, especially after what Xu Cheng said. Although he was bleeding on the inside, he could only say in a generous manner, “It’s just a couple dozen million yuan, it’s just you that is overreacting since you probably have never seen this much money before.”

Xu Cheng wasn’t angry at all. Tevez could say whatever he wanted, since at the end of the day, Xu Cheng was the one that won all the money. He then said to the Lin Couple, “Mom, Dad, where do you guys want to go in during your time here? What do you want to buy? Tell me, don’t worry about the money.”

Lin Guiren and his wife smiled.

“This guy.” Lin Chuxue rolled her eyes at Xu Cheng but there was a faint smile on her face. She knew this guy was just trying to mock Tevez.

Mommy Lin knew Xu Cheng was lucky to win this much money and felt that he might’ve used up all of his luck and would start losing next, so she immediately made a wise call. “It’s about time, should we head back now?”

And now Tevez was nervous. “Why not stay for a little longer?”

Holy fack, that money was collateralized by my shares, how can I explain to my parents if I don’t win the money back?

Those 40 million yuan was given to him after he put 1.4% of his shares down as collateral, and now he only had 18.6% left. He must immediately fill in the 40 million yuan hole, or if the other shareholders noticed this, they would definitely pay 40 million to take that 1.4% of shares without hesitation. When that happens, then his weight on the board committee would be severely affected, and his family would definitely beat the crap out of him if they were to find out. After all, they sent their son over to run the casino, yet he actually diluted his shares and started gambling. Of course they would beat the crap out of him.

“Look, Uncle hasn’t even had his fun yet, how about you guys just stay for a little longer?” Tevez anxiously suggested.

Xu Cheng took a look at his watch. “It’s time to eat, let’s go find a restaurant first. Mr. Tevez, if you think you lost too much and can’t explain it to your parents, then I will just return the money to you.”

Come, let Master Xu give you some money out of pity. Not much, just a couple dozen million. Didn’t you look at me with disdain like you were looking at a hobo? Now, the hobo will give you a couple million out of pity, so come and kneel before me. The look on Xu Cheng’s face was spelling this out to Tevez, and Tevez’s face became even darker.

“Xu Cheng, to be honest, I don’t care about losing money, but I’m just not convinced because you won the money purely by luck.”

“You lost money, of course you are not convinced.” Xu Cheng knew to poke where it hurt the most, and he just kept on dwelling on the “lost money” part, and Tevez was so angry that he almost rushed up to try to fight him.

“Xu Cheng, it might not be very polite to leave right after we win money, maybe we should play a few more rounds.” Lin Guiren naturally knew the consequences Tevez had to face after losing this much family money. He was also a businessman operating a family business, so he naturally knew that each family member only had a finite amount of cash at their disposal, and a majority of their wealth needed the consent of most members in the family before it could be used. Just now, Tevez didn’t ask for any permission and personally decided to dilute his shares for some cash.

Xu Cheng obviously had to listen to his father-in-law, so he said to Lin Lei, “Just put the money back in.”

Lin Lei then looked at Tevez as he casually mocked, “A guy that runs the casino is afraid of the client leaving after winning money? If you can’t handle defeat well, then maybe you shouldn’t operate casinos.”

Tevez was a little embarrassed, but he had no choice but to endure the humiliation since he wasn’t ready for the consequences of his family and the rest of the casino board finding out.

“Reasonably speaking, we should be here to celebrate and support you since you just started operating this casino, so it isn’t polite for us to win this much money from you. But, since you have the balls to operate the casino, it must mean you have some gambling experts in the house. How about this, I will put all this money on the line again, and maybe you can show me what you got to prove the skills of your pros?” Xu Cheng said to Tevez, and it was exactly what Tevez was waiting for.

“Of course, as long as you will stay and keep playing, I will show you.”

“Very well, but let’s speed up the process, or it will take you a couple of years to win all this money back. How about this? The base amount will be 1 million, and each raise can’t be less than a million.”

Tevez: “Okay.”

Then, he got the accountant to dilute his shares again and got 50 million out in one go.

Now, the game was just between Xu Cheng and Tevez. The Lin Couple stood on the side and spectated as they enjoyed some nice wine. Lin Chuxue also had a wine glass in her hand as she stood beside Xu Cheng. A new round was beginning.

Tim was still standing by Tevez’s side as his adviser. When Xu Cheng got his hand, he took a look and saw a pair of Js. He came over to his father-in-law Lin Guiren and asked, “Dad, what do you think of my hand, should I gamble with it?”

Lin Guiren pouted. “The odds aren’t in your favor.”

Then, Xu Cheng saw through Tevez’s hand and saw that the biggest play he had was just one King. He immediately laughed, and he threw over 50 million right away.

“Let’s end it in one round.”

Holy fack, Tevez’s eyes twitched. What the fack is this? This guy wasn’t being reasonable at all and directly threw in 50 million.

Lin Guiren was also shocked. The point was that if the opponent saw through Xu Cheng’s bluff then Xu Cheng was basically giving this money away for free! After all, a pair of Js wasn’t big.

But, Tevez pussied out. The biggest play he could make was a single K, so of course he would p---y out.

The second round began, and Tevez got a pair of 8s! Xu Cheng’s biggest play was an Ace. After showing it to Lin Guiren, Lin Guiren directly told him to fold.

But, who knew Xu Cheng would capriciously throw in the 50 million again!

Tevez was almost about to cry, How can this guy bully me like this! If he wasn’t so cash-strained, he would for sure battle it to the end with Xu Cheng. However, he really didn’t have the confidence with just a pair of 8s in his hand.

Sigh. Whatever. Tevez thought and directly folded.

Of course, Xu Cheng didn’t forget to seize the opportunity to ridicule him, “The biggest taboo in gambling is being psychologically overwhelmed by the opponent.” Of course, that was what he did. When he saw that Tevez’s hand wasn’t very good, he would destroy Tevez’s mental line of defense with tons of money. Now, Tevez was on the passive side, because even if Xu Cheng lost 50 million, he still won 10 million overall. However, Tevez couldn’t afford to lose any more. So, after seeing Xu Cheng directly raising 50 million, if Tevez didn’t have a good hand, Xu Cheng knew Tevez for sure wouldn’t dare to gamble.

Lin Guiren also saw through the strategy Xu Cheng was using. After seeing Xu Cheng’s hands a couple of times and how he still dared to play big like this, he knew Xu Cheng was also playing the psychological game.

If at first, he thought Xu Cheng was a newbie at gambling, well, that was definitely not the case anymore.

“We haven’t seen this kid for so many years, and he really completely changed after joining the army,” Lin Guiren quietly whispered to his wife.

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