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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 93.1

Chapter 93: If You Want to Find a Building to Jump, Pick One with Higher Floor (Part One)

Tim was a pro that Tevez had brought over from Vegas, and he could be counted as Tevez’s right-hand man, an eye he assigned to the casino. So, Tevez would usually consider Tim’s words.

Not long after, Lin Chuxue came back. Since the amount was too much, she just came back with a suitcase filled with brand new chips that weren’t even unpackaged yet. Lin Chuxue really didn’t say anything but exchanged all of the 200 million cash that she had.

Just from this, Lin Lei felt that his sister’s love for his brother-in-law was also unwavering.

Xu Cheng also didn’t expect her to let him borrow 200 million to gamble without saying a word of hesitation.

He fell into a bit of a trance as he looked towards Lin Chuxue and sighed in his heart, Is it just me that was too stubborn to let go of my past? In fact, the feeling between us still exists, right? Chuxue has always believed in me.

“Why are you looking at me like this? I didn’t say I’m lending it to you for free, you have to think of a way to pay me back if you lose it all.” Lin Chuxue’s face blushed a little upon seeing Xu Cheng looking at her like this, and she pouted her lips and snorted.

Tevez couldn’t bear it any more!

This b-----d! If it wasn’t for Xu Cheng, perhaps he would be the most suitable man for her back in university. No matter what kind of performance or concert, he would always do everything in his power to be on the same stage as Lin Chuxue. But, who knew she would suddenly drop out of school without a message. After inquiring around, he realized that she actually left her home country, went to Huaxia, and even became a celebrity. Initially, Tevez was quite confused as to why Lin Chuxue would go and become a celebrity, and he was a bit assured after finding out that the Lin Family owned the majority of the stakes behind the company. However, soon, most men in Britain found out about this, and what pissed them all off was that the Lin Family seemed to have married Lin Chuxue to that useless foster child Xu Cheng, and even let her follow him back to Huaxia.

Tevez was very sure that if Xu Cheng dared to go back to England, he would be cursed to death by all the aristocratic young masters that were admirers of Lin Chuxue.

Xu Cheng counted the new chips he got and directly put 150 million yuan worth of chips onto the table as he said, “Raise! Still not revealing! Do you want to reveal? Or fold?”

“The more domineering you are, the more I’m sure that you don’t have a good hand. Since you wish to back yourself into a corner, then I will accompany you today. I just hope that you don’t feel too helpless after you lose all the money and jump off of our building,” Tevez looked at Xu Cheng and said.

“Now, there’s nothing that can beat me down,” Xu Cheng said nonchalantly, “But as for you, do you still have more money to raise? Even if you want to reveal and end the round, you need to raise at least 300 million to be able to.”

“Don’t ask me if I have enough money, let me ask how much money you have first? Or, how much money you can afford to take out?” Tevez really couldn’t take it that Xu Cheng was at his throat questioning how much money he had, since he despised him and didn’t think Xu Cheng was qualified to ask him such a question.

“I don’t have more than you, but if I want, money is just a number for me,” Xu Cheng replied. Now, with this pair of eyes, would he be worried that he couldn’t find a way to make money? Now, he just needed a type of respect, and the moment he completely understands his new body would be the moment he makes his debut to shock the world!

Of course, he would go to the  for the Dragon Division again.

As for Britain, the place that broke his heart, he would go back as well. The day when he returned to that country would be the day that he publicly announces that he is Lin Chuxue’s husband! He will tell those people that had inappropriate p---s feelings for his wife that only he had the capability and qualifications to marry Lin Chuxue!

And as for the Ye Family. Demanding an apology from them for his father would be a hurdle that he must face in this lifetime. This was also one of the biggest goals in his life, and it was not just for his father, but for his dignity as well!

“So boastful, you actually have the balls to say that money is just a number in front of Uncle Lin? I don’t know how much you are making to give you the confidence to say that.” Tevez sneered.

“You really talk too much. Just one word, raise or fold? If you can keep on playing, then I will show you just how easy it is for me to make money!” Xu Cheng lost his patience and revealed his domineering aura.

Tevez gritted his teeth and said to the accountant, “Go and get another 5% of my shares.”

Xu Cheng: “Not enough, you might as well take all the money out.”

Tevez slammed both of his hands on the table as he got up and demanded Xu Cheng, “Then what about you? Do you have the money?”

“Of course, I just need to give my lawyer a call to put my real estate up as collateral, and I can get at least 600 million. Your 5% stake in the casino only goes for 150 million, it wouldn’t even last a round, how can we play?” Xu Cheng said.

“You don’t have to go through this much trouble, your old man have US dollars in the bank, and it can be used at an upscale casino like this. You can use it for now,” Lin Guirren laughed and said.

Xu Cheng looked towards Tevez. “So?”

Tevez subconsciously turned to ask his accountant, “How many more shares do I have?”

“13.5%, with a total valuation of 400 million.”

Tevez gritted his teeth and said in a deep voice, “Get me 300 million, I’m going to force him to show hand!”

“No need to exchange, please just draft up a share-transfer contract to be used as collateral, and that will be alright,” Xu Cheng interrupted the accountant.

Tevez knew Xu Cheng’s intention. If he lost, then Xu Cheng wanted to directly take over the shares. He narrowed his eyes. “You think you will win?

“No need to exchange into chips, just raise with your shares. How about this, I will directly raise 200 million more! If you want to show hand, then you can just put up the remainder of your shares.”

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