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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 94.1

Chapter 94: A Total Change (Part one)

For their way back, the Lin Family didn’t want Tevez to drive them. They all just crammed into Xu Cheng’s little Volkswagen Santana. On the passenger seat, Lin Chuxue looked at the profile of Xu Cheng who was driving, and she seemed to want to say something but didn’t.

Three years had passed, and he had really changed. During the first meet after the long separation, he cleverly helped her escape from the siege of her fans and the media. Then, he considerately delivered her pizza just because he heard her stomach, and it was even her favorite pizza type. It meant he had never forgotten about her.

The second time they met, it was when he made the resolute decision to stand on the side of the government even at the risk of becoming a sacrifice, to challenge the master of North Gate. It was her first time seeing how he bravely fought over hundreds of thugs at once, and to be honest, her heart really ached for him. In her eyes, that scene really looked like Xu Cheng was a lonely wolf, roaring and defending his territory against invaders.

It seemed like they returned to their high school days. He was also blocked and bullied by people after school. At that time, Lin Chuxue knew that because of her, her childhood sweetheart Xu Cheng would suffer from her admirers coming after him for revenge or to vent anger. But, he just knew to stubbornly fight back, and after the fight ended, he would hide into a corner, not showing his wounds to anyone nor complaining a single word to her.

The third time was today, he faced the ridicule of an aristocrat so calmly, and he also beat the crap out of him. In Lin Chuxue’s memory, Xu Cheng had always been a guy that would suffer in silence and feel inferior about himself. But today, Xu Cheng not only fought back, he also became a lot more confident and powerful.

“Dad, don’t just see me as a gambler just because I won a lot of money today. I swear to God, I never gamble.” Xu Cheng drove as he explained in a sweat. Although he just had the time of his life back in that casino, he really didn’t waste time in gambling at all.

Lin Guiren laughed, “You are all grown up now, I don’t care what you do, I would only be concerned if you don’t know what you are doing or don’t have the balls to do it. If you ever need money, just let Dad know.”

Xu Cheng smiled and said, “It’s fine. Back when I made the decision to return to Huaxia, you should already know the choice I made. I just wanted to prove myself, and that’s why I came back to develop myself.”

Lin Guiren felt quite gratified as he leaned over to the front seat and patted Xu Cheng on the shoulder. “Good boy, but Dad still wants to advise you that unless it’s absolutely necessary, don’t reveal whose son you are. Actually, let me just directly advise you to not to go find the Ye Family.”

Xu Cheng bitterly smiled. “Dad, do you think that’s possible? Not just me, even if you were the one in my shoes, would you watch my dad’s ashes be only buried abroad? One day, I want to take my dad’s ashes back home, and I don’t care what the Ye Family tries to do to stop me. I will kill whoever stands in my way.”

When Xu Cheng said that, Lin Chuxue withdrew her gaze from him. He really changed. In the past, Xu Cheng might not have had such an urgent desire for what he wanted, but now, it seemed like he was a lot more determined with all of his goals.

The family directly went to the high-end condo Chuxue bought in Shangcheng. It was a luxurious villa-style condo that even came with a garden and an open-roof swimming pool.

Inside, Assistant Xiaolan had been waiting for a long time, and she finally let out a sigh of relief seeing Chuxue back. But when she saw Xu Cheng with her, she became quite angry.

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