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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 95.1

Chapter 95: Really Miss This Feeling (Part one)

Looking outside, Mommy Lin also helplessly chuckled. “You dad is really something, always picking on Cheng. Back in Britain, when he sparred with those Karate Dojo people, most of them would go easy on him since he was a rich noble. That’s why he likes to spar with Xu Cheng since Xu Cheng always goes all out. Back then, he knew he couldn’t beat your dad so he had to try his hardest so he didn’t get beat up as hard.”

Lin Chuxue rolled her eyes. “Mom, come on, you think I don’t know the things Dad says to deliberately provoke Xu Cheng? The moment Xu Cheng wasn’t going all out, one serving of ‘Your Dad could always beat me’ was enough for Xu Cheng to fight like his life depended on it. Everyone knows that Xu Cheng’s dad is Xu Cheng’s sore spot.”

Outside, Xu Cheng still had one arm out as he said to Lin Guiren, “Dad, you can make the first move.”

“You are even letting me make the first move? You piece of sh*t, I’m telling you to make the first move,” Lin Guiren swore.

Xu Cheng calmly said, “I think you should so that you might still have the chance to pull a few moves. If I’m striking first, then you might go down right away. Just use your coolest and best signature technique, and if you can beat me down, then I will go back to England with you and not dream about visiting the Ye Family again.”

“So cocky. It’s only been three years, yet look at you, cocky as f*ck,” Lin Guiren said as he quick-stepped towards Xu Cheng, grabbing onto his arm to perform a take-down move.

However, the moment his hand touched Xu Cheng’s arm, the latter’s arm slipped away like a snake. Lin Guiren was stunned for a brief moment, and his other arm immediately went after Xu Cheng’s throat.

Who knew his hand would be directly slapped away by Xu Cheng’s. Lin Guiren felt that the seemingly-light tap just now felt like his hand had been smacked by a stun baton. His body shivered immediately as he instinctively withdrew his hand, but he immediately tried to sweep the floor with a kick to put Xu Cheng down when he wasn’t prepared.

However, Xu Cheng just slightly lifted his foot and dodged it, and when his foot came down again, it landed right onto Lin Guiren’s leg. Although there wasn’t too much force, it was enough for Lin Guiren to be caught off guard and kneel down on one knee.

Lin Guiren was really shocked. He tried to elbow Xu Cheng, but the latter caught the elbow briefly with one hand and pushed forward, directly sending Lin Guiren rolling a few times on the grass before he was able to stabilize himself and look towards Xu Cheng with narrowed eyes.

There was only a faint smile on Xu Cheng’s face as he looked at his foster dad with the demeanor of a grandmaster. “Dad, I told you I have no specific techniques. All of my moves depends on what you do.”

That was correct, he would receive ultrasonic feedback the instant his opponent made a move and then make judgements to disable the incoming threat. In fact, Xu Cheng didn’t need to take the initiative to attack. He just needed to see through his opponent’s moves, counter it and strike back in their face! This was the battle strategy he felt best suited himself after learning from the fight with Gate Master Yan. Although it seemed like he wasn’t a fighter with any particular moves or combos, all of his moves would be based on what the opponent did and derived from there.

“What a brat! You married my daughter, why are you acting like a grandmaster in front of your father-in-law?” Lin Guiren decided to turn on his “shameless” mode and attack Xu Cheng’s weak spot. “You are still a virgin, aren’t you?”

Xu Cheng was really speechless at this point. Whose dad would make fun of his son-in-law like that?

His face turned dark as he replied, “Dad, that’s your daughter!”

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