Chapter 96: Team 2 – Basically a Leader with a Following (Part one)

That night, Xu Cheng didn’t stay in Lin Chuxue’s villa-style condo, afraid that he would be caught by the paparazzi and hurt Chuxue’s career.

After he left, Lin Chuxue frowned and said to Xiaolan, who was in the corner, “Treat him with a better attitude in the future.”

“Sister Chuxue, I really don’t get it… You clearly have better options, why him?” Xiaolan was confused.

Lin Chuxue interrupted her, “How many people can keep their heart of gold under a glamorous appearance? You are in this entertainment circle, so you should know what kind of people are reliable. Some people only have money but nothing else. Just now, I was ordering you to improve your attitude towards him, and you can decline as well if you don’t want to continue being my assistant.”

Then, Lin Chuxue went back to her bedroom, leaving Xiaolan shivering briefly. To be honest, it was quite hard to find a famous celebrity that was easy-going and easy to take care of, and Lin Chuxue was probably the best person to work for. Xiaolan knew that if she left, countless people would try to apply for this position. She could be easily replaced.  

That night, when Xu Cheng just got back to his unit, it was pitch dark inside. After Xu Cheng locked the door behind him, the lights suddenly came on, and Ran Jing and Shen Yao jumped out. “Surprise!”

Xu Cheng didn’t even blink, mainly because he knew what those two were up to before he even came in, so he wasn’t surprised at all.

Looking at the two girls, Xu Cheng snorted. “A surprise indeed, but not a pleasant one. Shen Yao, why are you wearing a facial mask in the middle of the night? Are you trying to scare people to death?”

Shen Yao awkwardly pouted. “You [email protected], where did you go today?”

“I was with Lin Chuxue’s parents and spent the day touring around.” Xu Cheng was quite straightforward.

Ran Jing and Shen Yao exchanged a look, and then Shen Yao probed Xu Cheng, “You really have nothing to do with Lin Chuxue?”

Xu Cheng went to the fridge and got a bottle of water as he replied, “What kind of thing can I have to do with a big celebrity like her? I’m just an ordinary guy.”

Shen Yao: “Who knows if you weren’t planning to suck up to her parents so they would get on your side and help you convince Lin Chuxue.”

Xu Cheng declined. “You are overthinking it.”

Ran Jing: “I’ve been waiting for you the whole day today. Now can you tell me how you caught the whole assassin group?”

Xu Cheng smiled. “I won’t be able to explain it in a short period of time, and with your current IQ, you probably wouldn’t understand too. Aren’t we going to be colleagues soon? You will get to know my ways slowly.”

Ran Jing was speechless. “You actually dare to question my IQ? Very well, we will be together for a long time, and I will also slowly teach you who’s more efficient and well-versed when it comes to criminal investigation cases.”

Shen Yao: “Whatever, let’s celebrate first.”

She pushed over a cart that had an ice bucket with a bottle of champagne in it.

Xu Cheng frowned. “What day is it today?”

Ran Jing: “I got the news, you will be transferred to Team 2 of the Criminal Investigation Department as the captain, and I’m the captain for Team 5. The captain for Team 2 is getting pretty old and he’s going to retire, so you will be replacing him. Congrats, but I just wanted to say, we will see whose team accomplishes more in the future.”

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