Chapter 99: Team 2 Will Follow Up on West Gate’s Case (Part one)

Xu Cheng’s first meeting with the Team 2 members was quite unpleasant, but that also set up his tough boss image.

After finishing their first conversation, Xu Cheng directly left the office. “Now, let’s all go to the cafeteria to eat.”

He left the office first, and the others all looked at each other.

Wu Gang looked at Xu Cheng’s disappearing image and said to the others, “Let’s just wait and see. If it’s another guy that’s all tough talk but no real skill, then let’s not get into the water with him, or we will drown ourselves.”

The ten of them followed Xu Cheng to the cafeteria. It was just an restaurant that was contracted by the police for them to enjoy their meals at discounted prices. It was also the place Xu Cheng and Ran Jing first visited.

When he walked in, the other teams and departments’ officers began looking at him and gossiping.

“It’s him, the guy that fought Gate Master Yan.”

“Didn’t they say he got stabbed? He looks really fine to me.”

“Would you guys say that he actually won the fight?”

“Of course. Gate Master Yan sneaked attacked him with a dagger after the match ended. Strictly speaking, Xu Cheng was the winner.”

“I also heard that this guy’s rumored to be Captain Ran’s boyfriend?” The gossipy female officers immediately got excited.

“This morning when he was reporting to duty, he was indeed brought in by Captain Ran. I also remember that a few weeks ago when he was still a patrol officer, Captain Ran also brought him here for dinner before.”

“Wasn’t Li Dazhuang always chasing after Ran Jing? Is he out now?”

“I guess so. Li Dazhuang is only tough on the outside anyways.”

In the middle of his meal, Li Dazhuang couldn’t tolerate the gossip anymore. He directly stood up and slammed the desk, and it was pretty loud and the chatty cafeteria immediately became silenced.

Li Dazhuang’s colleagues tugged on his clothes and whispered, “What are you doing?”

Li Dazhuang gritted his teeth as he turned around and looked at Xu Cheng. Then, he directly walked up to Xu Cheng’s face and said word for word, “I can’t interfere in the past, but now, since you are here, you should stay away from Ran Jing. Don’t let others talk behind your back and say you climbed in here because Captain Ran pulled some strings.”

“Anyone with a brain would know that I relied on my own two hands to get here,” Xu Cheng retorted, “Besides, if you are not convinced, we can just follow your rules and have another fight. We can just cut the talk and see each other in the arena.”

As he talked, he directly walked past Li Dazhuang and went to get some food. Li Dazhuang couldn’t beat Xu Cheng, but of course, he could lay his hands on Xu Cheng’s subordinates. He just stuck his leg out and tripped Wu Gang.

Li Chao was about to burst right away and demand why, but Wu Gang immediately pulled him back.

Wu Gang only stood up, patted the dust off his pants and was about to just leave. But, his way was blocked by Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng turned to Li Dazhuang and sneered. “I guess you are the pathetic type that only bullies the nice guys and are afraid of people tougher than you. If you have a grudge, you can directly come and look for me. Don’t make things difficult for my guys.”

Li Dazhuang said in an odd tone that was irritating to listen to, “It wasn’t on purpose.”

Xu Cheng: “Then just apologize to him.”

Li Dazhuang looked at Wu Gang, and with a provocative look, he asked him, “Do you need my apology?”

Li Dazhuan held a high rank in the HQ, and he was also a part-time instructor that had a good relationship with the new recruits. In addition, he was also the champion of the annual special police competition, being very experienced in the operation of various guns and actual combat. So, he held a high level of prestige at this HQ.

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